Sunday, 6 February 2011

Jason mask for jonnys cult films blog by Gavin Jennings.

Hi guys,
just thought you would like to see these pics of a Jason mask that I have in my collection. The mask was made by Darren Laken over at Ruste Dowg productions. He is a fantastic artist that specialises in reproduction screen quality Jason masks & hoods. Darren uses blank masks that have been made by Ken Tarillo, one of the original creators of the iconic hockey mask from the original Friday the 13th films! These are the real deal and the closest thing you can get to owning the real thing. The mask shown is a custom made design of the 'hock' seen at the end of part 8 when Jason has been all but dissolved in toxic waste in the sewers of New York City. Every last burn and scratch has been pain stakingly reproduced for an authentic finish, even the leather straps have been burnt and distressed to complete the look. I particularly like how the mask has been distorted and melted. Many other styles are available to order online through Rustedowgproductions Styles vary from the newly acquired 'clean' mask seen in part 3 right through to the new style mask seen in the recent re-make. You could even opt for a custom design of your own or a mask that captures the damaged sustained throughout the entire series, a 'greatest hits' mask if you'll pardon the pun! Darren likes to ensure that you are happy with your masks and will keep you regularly updated on it's progress. He documents the production with photos for you to view and will give you the opportunity to have creative input along the way. You can join the Ruste Dowg forum and browse the range in the catalogue and even read honest comments from other customers.
Gavin Jennings.

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