Friday, 18 March 2011

Movies i have seen this year Part 2-Jonny T.

Hello all!
This is the 2nd part of my"Movies i have seen this year"
Keeping you up to date with all things good and bad in the world of my film watching exploits,
Jonny T.

The Golden Child
Well it was cheap and i thought it would be as good as when i first saw it in a good old nostalgic way but it sucked!Was bored throughout(as was Emma)not funny and terrible Fx!!I know you'll moan it me for it but- 5/10

The Eye

Great "J"Horror,up there as one of the best and its easy to see why,part of a trilogy from the wonderful Pang brothers,parts 2 and 3 coming soon to this blog,go watch now,forget the remake!!! 7/10


So,We've all seen Thai horror and serial killer flicks from Asia but i have to say this one blows them ALL away,with shocking violence,a good budget and some twists you will NOT believe,one of my films of the year so far 8/10.

No country for old men.

Not for me personally one of the Cohen brothers best but certainly better than a lot of Hollywood trash,Great performances and the usual dose of humour and violence we have come to expect from the brother Cohen 7/10


Oh yes the Arnie classic was re-watched by me and Emma and it still stands up as an absolute classic,Brilliant lines,slight dodgy stop motion and violence,8/10

Cape Fear.

Another absolute classic in my eyes,Robert Mitchum at his finest,well as great as he is in another fave of mine"Night of the hunter"if you haven't seen this you MUST!!!9/10

I Spit on your grave (2010)

Oh i only saw the original once and could never go back and re-watch but was intrigued to see the remake,Good revenge flick,OK its nasty but worth sticking with for the gore soaked revenge,not much re watch value though so for me it's a 7/10

Hansel & Gretal

Yet another great Asian film,fantasy based,twists and turns bursting with fantastic colours and great cinematography,a definite must see! 8/10


oo arr fo par documentary about loonies on facebook,i love a good documentary and this is a good one,Internet rife with is it/isn't real blah blah,me,Emma,Mr Nova and Bob had a big debate and we think it is but re-shoots on certain parts to make it shiny and more coherent we think,but what do we know???Give it a watch,it will surprise you 7/10

Paranormal activity 2.

Now then,i hated the 1st film,it was a rainy Saturday afternoon and i managed to drag Emma to see it and it was great,fucking great!Packed cinema,loud and jumpy, a great film that as a sequel was great,so turn your lights off crank up the volume and enjoy,a highlight of of my recent watch's 8/10

Jonny's bonus video, death by spoon!!!

I recently had a new apprentice start with me at work,mikey, he's a cool little dude and into his films, thank god,he pointed this one out to me on you tube and its hilarious, OK it goes on a bit but it's supposed to, stick with it till the end,great stuff,thanks young Mikey!!!

So there you have it, That's part 2, I have watched a load more so watch this space for part 3!
Thanks for taking the time to view,
I'm done,
Jonny T.

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