Friday, 11 March 2011

A Witch's hat Tribute To Jonnys Cult Films!

Hello people,
I have been fortunate to recieve this great video tribute to me and of course all of you involved at Jonny's cult films from the Great RootRot From the witch's hat blog.
What a nice man,what a great blog,Pretty much a new post everyday with help from Misfitboy,Biguglyhairyscary and many others,Also Check out his Podcast and Vidcast and everything on there,
Mr RootRoot i thank you Doodle Buddy.
Jonny t.
Link to the Witch's hat Blog-
Click Here to view and follow the Blog------->


The Witches hat blog has been nominated for an award over at TLAcult site along with other great blogs such as motion picture massacre and Mcbastards mausoleum ,so please go vote!
You do have more than one vote so,get clicking here to vote--------> TLA CULT VIDEO AWARDS

A Witch's hat Tribute To Jonnys Cult Films!

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