Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Baldies in Cult Films

Hello All,
Well we all know that it's a FACT that bald men are the sexiest on the planet right? So i was having a conversation with my fellow bald horror podcasting brother Mike at cadaverlab and over there they did a show on Horror Hotties and i thought what about the poor old downtrodden bladies in horror/cult films,there are some legends out there wether it be actors or characters.
So here is my personal pick of 3 of my all time favourite baldie actors,
Jonny(baldie) T!


Well where can i start with the bald legend that is Sid Haig,Born in California 1939, He has starred in many many classic cult films such as Spider baby,THX 1138,The big doll house,The big bird cage,Coffy,Foxy brown and as the classic Captain Spaulding in House of a 1000 corpses,as well as appearing in countless TV series such as Batman,The six million dollar man,The A Team and T.J Hooker and his latest project is called ZOMBEX  which comes out this year on Halloween and tells the story of post Katrina hurricane hit New Orleans and the start of a zombie Apocalypse,bring it on!A true hard working bald legend indeed.

Donald Pleasence.

The good old Donald Pleasence! A true legend in the follically challenged bracket, Born in 1919 in my own town of Nottingham England, He starred as we know in 4 out of the 5 Halloween films as was superb in every one, He sadly passed away in 1995 the same year that one of his final roles as Dr Sam Loomis in Halloween 5, During the war he served with RAF and was shot down and held in a POW camp of which he made it through and went on to become a great British actor going on to star in such great films as Deathline(1973) Mutations(1974) The Uncanny(1977) The monster Club(1981) and Dario Argentos weird but wonderful Phenomena(1985) a truly great baldie.

Michael Berryman

Some could say he's a little odd looking,yep i agree but that's made him the legend he his! Born in L.A. in 1948, Star of such great movies as The hills have eyes(1977) and The hills have eyes 2(1985)as the great character Pluto,Cut and run(1985),Deadling blessing(1981) another collaboration with Wes Craven,The Mutant biker in the cult classic Weird science as well as playing a mental patient not once but twice in One flew over the cuckoos nest and The fifth floor also in The Devils rejects and his latest project out later this year called Closed casket as Mort the mortician, i also read that he was in The Crow but his scenes were deleted.
I was very fortunate to meet him a few years back at a convention and i must say on that day he was the nicest person i met out of a ton of so called celebrities, happy to sign anything and talk with you for ages, a super nice top bald legend!!


  1. This story has been a long time coming... We've always known the power of the chrome dome. for centuries we've been comfortable speaking of it in whispers in the back alleys and dark corners of the cities as if it was shameful for the baldy troupe to be the only focus of all the ladies' desires.

    Now it's on the surface for everyone to see in all of its glory! Drink it up folks! Times... they are a changing... just make sure not to look directly into the shine of the baldy's head... I assure it will be your kryptonite!

  2. Indeed Mr Bonesaw, This year may be the rise of the apes but next year will be rise if the baldies!

  3. Great piece mate! Sid and Michael are both very nice gentlemen. I never got to meet Donald Pleasence but I did recently inherit his autograph, but im not bragging of course! ;0)

  4. As for the power of the hairless, I can not comment from personal knowledge, though when the day comes and I do not have to groom my wild hair, I will be very thankful. That being said, bald actors do hold a certain allure (do not misunderstand that :-) ), especially in horror films. Whether that is due to the fact of the very individuals you've mentioned or not, all are very representative of the genre, Michael Berryman is perhaps my favorite character actor in B-movie horrordom. I say hooray to you Jonny for this post and give these folks there fair shake!