Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Films I've seen this year part 4!

Hello People,
Here is part 4 in the continuation of every film i have seen this year,as stated in previous post the thoughts on these are mine and often not what you may think but hope you enjoy!
Jonny T.


Very odd European movie described as a cross between Texas chainsaw massacre and Deliverance,Brutal and very bizarre, worth a watch, I've not attached the trailer for this one but a scene from the movie that says it all!!

Cold Prey
Pretty good and well made Norwegian slasher from 2006, Good gore and great cinematography, it Sticks firmly the slasher formula and if that's your thing its a definite recommend,now with parts 2 and 3 released looks like a pretty solid trilogy.


Incredible Japanese film from 2010, a tale of revenge with twists around every corner, breathtaking imagery and film making you will NOT see in Hollywood, one of the best films i have seen this year.

Motel Hell.

It takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's fritters! A brilliant horror/comedy from 1980 about farmer Vincent and his special meats, it also has a chainsaw attack whilst wearing a pigs head, never seen it? Go seek it out now!

Tower of Evil.

Also known as Horror on Snape island, This classic British film from 1972 is up there with my favourites, Gore from the get go. nudity and psychedelic images, as i said a classic!

Brotherhood of the wolf.

French Werewolf film from 2001, Now i may upset a few people when i say this but i really could not get into this one i just found it way to long and i thought it was style over substance but hey what do i now!!

So there you go, just a few more of the films I've seen so far, part 5 coming soon!
Thanks for taking the time to view,
Jonny T.

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