Saturday, 2 July 2011

Films i've seen this year Part 5

I'm back! Quicker than usual but I've seen a ton of films so far so i have to get off my ass and publish them or I'll never get it done it time for xmas!
Jonny T.

The Horseman

Great little film from Australia about a father who seeks revenge on some sick fucks that killed his daughter in the porn industry and boy does he get his revenge, gritty low budget and very brutal, especially the bicycle pump down the penis scene ouch!!

The Box.

Hollywood take on a twilight zone episode,If you press the button someone dies but you get a million dollars,would you push the button? Starts great but descends into the realms of utter stupidness by the end i was saying what the fuck? a good idea but utterly wasted.

The Big Lebowski

A solid gold classic from the legendary Cohen brothers, the dude is one of THE coolest people ever to grace the big screen, if you've not seen it go do so now!


A fantastic film about Bruce lee's mentor IP Man, stunning performance from the legend that is Donnie Yen, If you've never seen a kung fu film you really really really REALLY need to watch this now, it's easily the best film i have seen this year, i guarantee you will love it.My film of the year so far.I have not included the trailer but one of the many many great fight scenes.Enjoy.
A BIG FAT 10/10!!!!!

13 Assasins.

A great cinematic return from the legendary director Takashi Miike, a tale of revenge, a shogun classic up there with the best ever made, slow first half hour or so but you get a battle scene that lasts half the film, breathtaking stuff, take note Hollywood!!


He's back! Whilst not quite as good as the original still a great continuation of the story of IP Man and well worth a watch, my only gripe was unfortunately this one used a little more wire work and the British actors do get a tad annoying but still very much worth seeing.

Stir of echoes

Creepy ghost flick starring Kevin Bacon, not the best thing I've ever seen but seen a lot worse, some great creepy scenes and twists and turns, defiantly worth a look.

Gamera:Revenge of Iris

Fantastic entry in to Gamera series from a few years back, some great battle scenes and HUGE monsters, what more could one want?

I Saw the devil.

Bloody Nora old chap what a film! A guy seeks revenge for the death of his pregnant wife and finds the killer early on in the film then it just does not stop, brutal as hell, fantastic cinematography, great acting, a very very high recommend indeed,

So there you go people, some more titles you may or may not have seen and looking back on the list myself there is a fair few Asian title up there, Asian cinema does have some great titles that are well worth seeking out,happy viewing,part 6 coming soon!
Jonny T.

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