Sunday, 3 July 2011

Batman-Under the red hood-mini review.

Hello People,
I was recently listening to the excellent podcast which is Horroretc and Ted discussed a Warner Brothers animated feature called Batman-under the red hood and i was intrigued,my wife Emma also listens to the show and i was glad to say when i got home she had already got it so we stuck it on.
It's great! The story unfolds with the joker smashing the hell out of Robin with a crowbar and leaving him for dead inside a factory that is rigged with a ton of explosives, the factory blows up just as Batman arrives and we see him holding Robins dead lifeless body, great start.

We then zoom 5 years forward where we see a meeting of 2 rival gangs supposedly set up by each gang but no they weren't the ones that set the meeting up it was the new villain on the block the red hood.

He appears from over the balcony and they think he's a joke until he throws down a demand where as he wants 40% o all there takings, they laugh at him until he throws a bag on the table that contains 6 heads of there generals, this guy ain't messing about!!They agree and he also Say's he will run Gotham and take down Batman and the other mega Villain The Black Mask.
So you see from the start with Robin being beaten to death with a crow bar and a bag of severed heads thrown at the gangsters what kind of thing you are in for,it's very violent.
The story continues with the red hood sniping at Batman and Night wing(The 1st Robin) and a chase ensues and he escapes but when Batman and Night wing analyse the video of the chase they realise that The Red Hood has skills way beyond what they expected, now this is where the twists and turns start to kick in.
I shall say no more as it would start to spoil it and you should really see it,I'm not a huge Batman fan or know may of the characters except of course the obvious ones but i really did enjoy this and it would make for a great film, the animation is superb and the story told brilliantly, i hope that they make some more from the same series of comics and i am now intrigued to seek out more and give me something else to watch,as this is only 1 hour and 15 minutes long it's perfect evening viewing.
Jonny T.

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