Monday, 4 July 2011

REC 3:Genesis-Preview

Good day to you all,
Well as REC3:Genesis  approaches more has been released about the plot, it apparently is a prequel to the other two fantastic films, set mainly at a wedding at mainly and surprisingly mostly in the daylight with twists and hints that lead to the 1st 2 films, Bring it on i say!
As you probably know REC was remade super quick in the USA and released as Quarantine, i never bothered with that as i heard it was your basic shot for shot remake and Quarantine 2:The terminal has just come out which isn't a remake(thank god) of REC2 but takes it in a different direction by being set on a plane and within an airport terminal, i have seen it and to be honest it ain't great, it's a decent enough film but does nothing for me personally.
Also whilst filming REC3 they are also filming the finale to the series REC4-Apocalypse which is to be set after all 3 films, i personally think the REC franchise is super strong and hope that the next 2 films are as good as the first 2, as i said BRING THEM ON!!
Jonny T.


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  1. Just as well you didn't bother with the US version. It was pretty "meh." Haven't seen II yet. Will look for it.