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An interview with N.J.Hallard and MEGA contest!!!

Hello people,
I Have been luckily enough to recently interview N.J.Hallard the author of the fantastic zombie book
Breaking News: an Autozombiography which is his first novel and has been a great success amongst the horror community and beyond, he is a UK based author and is also a fantastic artist(see the prize!!) that lives on the south coast of sunny England.

So,myself, Big man Gav and Lord Felpby(no less!) compiled some questions and fired them at N.J.,
Hope you enjoy the interview and we are please to announce that he has dedicated as not 1 but 2 prizes to Jonnys Cult films, Nice man!!

The Fantastic prize package contains:-
1/ A signed copy of Breaking News: an Autozombiography
2/ An amazing piece of hand drawn artwork from NJ himself signed and framed, 1 of a kind!!!!

An interview with NJ HALLARD.

Hello Mr Hallard, how are things with you and how are the sales of 'Breaking News: an Autozombiography' going?
The sales figures are amazing, and I continue to be utterly humbled by the enthusiasm of total strangers for my writing. Its such a boost knowing people all over the world - and not just in England - are enjoying it so much.
So as a thank you and to celebrate a year since release, I'm going to be dropping the price of the book in all eBook formats during August to £0.70 (that's $0.99). If the last time I did that is anything to go by, sales may well go through the roof again (it smashed its way into the top ten in 'Horror' on Amazon Kindle UK after the most recent price drop, which was mind-blowing). EBook readers love a bargain, and 300 pages of illustrated zombie-slaying action from Baron Cissbury for under a quid is a good one!
I hear that you will be doing a follow up, can you tell us a little more about that?
Yep. 'Rising Up: an Autozombiography' tracks the progress of the characters from 'Breaking News: an Autozombiography' from a point nearly three years after the outbreak. People have developed along with the encampment, adapting in different ways to their new lives.
But there's trouble ahead for Cissbury Ring as a truly dangerous individual takes over the bedraggled camp at nearby Arundel Castle, and the tragedy this time around will be so much more personal as we know everyone. I am currently half-way through the first draft, and I'll be doubling the number of illustrations this time as I had so much amazing feedback about the artwork. I already know what will happen in the third part of the Baron Cissbury trilogy so watch this space!
When is 'Rising Up: an Autozombiography' due out?
I am working flat out for it to be released by Christmas 2011. However with no agent; publisher; publicist; proofreader; technical consultant; marketing department; illustrator or ghostwriter (I wish!) I am aware that something might change that. Add to that a recession; mortgage; family; owning a business and being addicted to Twitter and it gets a bit scary. I'm a determined and resourceful chap though, so I fully expect it to be out when I say. If not, I'll have to have words with myself...

I've heard that a lot of the book is based on the area where you live and your actual family and friends. How difficult was it to determine the fate of these key characters? Did you find any points particularly emotional to write because of this?
 I'm finding that much, much harder in this second installment.

Since the last book was written I imagine your circumstances may have altered. Can we expect your character(s) to have changed in the new book as a result of this?
 My circumstances have altered in that I am now able to count writing as a significant source of income in my life. Before the first novel grew so popular it was just a pipe dream that I could ever make money from creative writing. Now I can spend a day or two a week (and every night) writing without feeling like it is a guilty pleasure.
I absolutely love the universe I have created, and writing with it feels like playtime for me! I love British history, and writing the sequel - taking place as it does well after the collapse of civilisation - has let me muck about with the themes of Medieval England (Baronies, horses, bows and arrows and general pestilent filth etc.) which I hinted at in the first book but with the odd quad bike, chainsaw and massive explosion thrown in for good measure. The characters have changed because they are three years into a zombie apocalypse with no electricity, running water, sanitation or medication which takes its toll. Our hero Baron Cissbury - being a zombie film fan back in the day -  seems to take it all in his stride as per usual, the smug git.

If ever Hollywood became interested in your project who would be your dream cast for the motion picture?
Last time we talked about this I suggested Sam Worthington as the Baron would be my first choice (he'd have to convince me he could do a Worthing accent though). However, I think it'd be pretty good with a cast of 'unknowns' too. Having said that I realised last night that I'm definitely writing the bad guy in 'Rising Up: an Autozombiography' with a specific British actor in mind - but I'll keep that one under my hat for the moment!

A final question from the one and only Lord Felby!

 Good day young Mr Hallard, I have read and seen many a book/film about these here pesky undead types and my preferred method of transport is the good old bicycle - nothing better than a sunny bike ride on my estate with mallet in hand swatting the stinkers! Why do you think the commoners don't use this method of escape more often?

I would heartily discourage any attempt to fight off a plague of the undead on a bicycle. As well as the obvious questions (just how quick are you with a puncture repair kit?), one's legs would be exposed somewhat. Remember: it only takes a tiny scratch to become infected. Also, try kicking at something stationary whilst you canter past it on an aluminium-framed steed. You shall fall off, sir - and then you shall get eaten. No napkins or fruit course with these rum coves! Basic table manners are out.
Horses afford far greater height from the ground; they absorb any body momentum from one's mallet-blows; they don't attract stinkers; they can haul salvaged equipment; are good for morale; don't need petrol; and have a good auto-pilot facility in return for mints. Plus literally anyone would look fucking magnificent lopping off zombie heads while on horseback.
Don't believe me? Read my book!

Well there you go folks what a top man and a great book!
It is available on Kindle in the UK and the U.S.A So go get it now, i promise you you will not be disappointed!!
For UK kindle book click here------> UK KINDLE BREAKING NEWS
For USA Kindle book click here----> U.S.A KINDLE BREAKING NEWS
Follow the Baron on Twitter for continuation of the story!!--------->@BaronCissbury


The lucky winner, i should infact say VERY lucky winner will recieve not one but 2 great prizes very kindly donated by N.J Hallard, The 1st of the prizes is a signed copy of his awsome book and the 2nd prize is a 1 off unique hand drawn peice of art drawn by NJ himself and signed, you will not be able to get another one of these anywhere, good luck people!!
The Contest will end on Friday 26th of August and the winner will be picked at random by my mum!!



So folk's here is the question for your chance to win these awesome prizes:-

Name the writer of the classic comic book and now TV series "The walking dead".

Email me your answers to 

Thanks again and happy reading,

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