Friday, 29 July 2011

Movies i wanna see and so should you!!

Good day to you all,
Just a quick post with some trailers of films i really want to see, i love monkeys by the way and really cannot wait to see rise of the apes so the trailer for that is also here, bring on the chimps and get me a bunch of banana's and a cinema seat!
Jonny T.

Juan of the dead.
Cuban zombies! This looks great, I'm currently hunting to see what the release date will be in the UK, as soon as i know you will!

Pool Boy: Drowning out the fury.

Many thanks to my mate Steve Suffolk for telling me about this gem, as the reemergence of great grind house films continues with such films as Hobo with a shotgun and Dead hooker in a trunk this looks to be up there with them!

Rise of the planet of the apes.

The monkeys are back! I was not a great fan of the Tim Burton film but this looks great, as i said i really cannot wait to see it!

The Dead

Another great looking Zombie flick for your viewing pleasure!!

The Thing 2011.

Been waiting for this for what seems like an age, but it's finally arriving this October, great looking prequel to John Carpenters classic horror film.

Paranormal Activity 3.

I really didn't like the first film(hype killed it for me!) but i really enjoyed the 2nd one and this also looks great!

So there you go people, let me know if you get to see any of them and what you think and i'll do the same,
stay safe,
Jonny T.

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