Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I've discovered Yokai Monsters!!

Hello All,
Well i was looking for something to watch the other day when i came across something called Yokai Monsters:Spooky Warfare from 1968 and as you can see from the above poster it looks bonkers and indeed it is!
I have been a huge Japanese monster fan for years but i can honestly say it has been mainly the classic Godzilla and Gamera films and i had never heard of these Yokai monsters, They all come from just about every Japanese mythical creature ever and some of the are beyond bizarre, i have discovered that there are a ton of films and animations and also a huge range of toys all very collectible that reflects in the price but i can see a couple or three of them definitely looking great on my monster toy shelves at home.
Now onto my 1st experience-Yokai Monster:spooky warfare, The story unfolds with the mythical legend that every 4000 years a creature returns from the sea to dish out it's wrath on greedy mankind and over the last 4000 years man being the greedy race that he is has all but forgotten about the monster, we cut to a scene where 2 bearded fellows are raiding an ancient tomb for gold and treasures, then a strange creature appears and wipes them out big time!

Now upon reading some background on these legends and the films that surround them these were intended to be a children's series and i can see why but it does have a fair amount of blood and violence in it, all good by me.
The mythical beast then moves on to a hapless samurai and kills him by biting his neck vampire style and we see his hand covered in loads of blood, this brings the samurai back to life with an evil spirit and it carries on from one person to another, we then get to see the fantastic character that is the garden imp who comes up from the pond to confront the beast and promptly gets his head rubbed on a wooden post so vigorously it catches fire!
So he now knows the power of the beast and See's the chaos and devastation planned and seeks out the help of all the other Yokai monster, we see all of them one by one and there are loads of them!!!!
I think that is one of the greatest points of the film for me the fact that when the next monster appears you just don't know what it will look like and they are all equally as crazy.
I would thoroughly recommend this film 100% whether you are a fan of this kind of thing or not, it's an absolute blast in the style of the classic TV show Monkey, now as i said this is my 1st fore into Yokai monsters and i don't know a lot about them but if you do please let me know and i shall return with a fair few more posts on my fantastic new discovery that is the classic YOKAI MONSTERS!!!
Jonny T.

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