Saturday, 16 July 2011

Japanese Spiderman!!

Good day good people!
In a response on my Yokai monsters blog post a friend of my James Hogan(a Man with great film taste!)sent me a link to a YouTube video called Japanese Spiderman and it's awesome!
Upon doing some research into it it appears that it was a TV series which was shown every Wednesday night at 7.30pm on Japanese TV,it ran a total of 41 episodes and also a film, it ran from May 1978 to March 1979 and was made by the Toei company in Japan and was said to be loosely based upon the Marvel comic book character,The show was a result of a three year licensing agreement between Toei and Marvel in which they were allowed to use/incorporate each others characters, The show also featured the usual Japanese Robot in the form of Leopardo as on attempt to attract a younger audience,now whilst Marvel themselves were never to keen on the license agreement it I'd said that Spiderman Creator Stan Lee was and is to this day a huge fan of the Japanese take upon his creation especially the way that the actor portrayed Spiderman in a very realistic spider type way.
Now you can see from the trailer(below) that it is indeed very loosely based upon Marvels spider man on the fact that Spiderman fires a gun, Drives a vehicle and a lot of inter planetary hoo haa is abound, but saying that this is a great fun series indeed, any fan of the Japanese monster stuff such as Ultraman will love this!
Another Grate thing is that Marvel have all the episodes up on their site all in original Japanese language with English subs!You can watch all the episodes here---------> Watch Japanese Spiderman Now!!!!!
Also if you get 5, have a look at dome of the outages geek boys comments on the YouTube site there is some outrage, ha!!!
Jonny T

Marvel Trailer for Japanese Spiderman.

A toy from the series, i want one!!

Some of Spiderman foes from the series.

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