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Midnight-Arrow release the Russo Classic.

Hello folks,
Yet another title that has eluded me over the years but with the release of Midnight from the great label that is Arrow Films i finally got to see it, It's written by John Russo the co-writer of the all time classic horror Night of the living dead and it shows,From the very opening scene involving a girl with her foot trapped in a bear trapped growling in an evil way and surrorunded by a weird family that have chase her, the mother proceeds to tell the children that she is possesed and goads on one of the young boys to kill her, he then beats her to death very brutaly and then it starts,great opening with the kind of desolation/loacations that reminded me straight away of Night of the living dead and the atmosphere continues throughout.
We then skip forward a few years and meet Nancy the young girl who forms the basis of the story, her step father is a police officer and also a drunk( played brilliantly by Lawrence Tierney) who tries to force himself upon her until she knocks him out and that is the final straw and she decides to runaway, she get's hit on by some creepy guy who says he'll take her all the way and wants payment in the form of a few motel stops, needless to say she tell him where to go, This is all being watched by two guys in a van across the road who do persuade her to go with them, the film now starts in ernest as it turns into a road trip kind of movie and the guys confess to her that they have no money and have been surviving purely by robbing supermarkets which in time she strarts to get involved with, we then find out that there has been put out a missing persons report on her an the police have decided to track her down. They take a break and sleep in the woods overnight and whilst she is out in the wood the two cops turn up, one played by the great John Amplas, they proceed to quiz them both about the missing girl accusing them of rape and murder and you can see whatever the guys say they aint going to believe them!
I shall stop now as from this point on there are a good fair few shocking moments and twists you don't expect, needless to say she runs into the family now all grown up, practising satanism and as twisted as ever!!With some great gore FX by the master Tom Savini.
It was great to finally see this and it's definately a film worth adding to your collection, the extra's are great as always from Arrow with a brilliant intro from John Amplas who still looks pretty good for his age it has to be said!
8/10 Jonny T.



Affectionately described as “a greasy, grimy, and frequently unpleasant little nugget” by DVD Talk, writer-director John A. Russo’s sordid tale of young runaways, lecherous stepfathers and inbred Satanists, Midnight, comes to DVD for the first time in the UK, completely uncut.
Adapted by Russo (co-writer of “Night Of The Living Dead”) from his own novel, Midnight stars John Amplas (Day Of The Dead; Martin), Melanie Verlin (Monkey Shines) and Lawrence Tierney (Reservoir Dogs).
Alone on the road trying to hitch a ride to California to start a new life away from the unwelcome attention of her sleazy stepfather, Nancy hooks up with a pair of good natured petty crooks on a road trip to nowhere special. Things take a dark turn when they decide to camp out in the woods and her new friends meet an untimely end at the hands of a pair of backwoods cops.
Now, Nancy is in danger of being sacrificed to Satan himself by the wayward lawmen and their twisted siblings in an insane attempt to resurrect their mother’s mummified corpse.
Midnight (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£15.99) by Arrow films on 5th September 2011.
Special Features
Introduction by star John Amplas; “Vampires, Rednecks and Zombies: The Fear Career Of John Amplas”; “Midnight At Your Door: The Shocking Sacrifices Of John Russo”; collector’s booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by Stephen Thrower, author of “Nightmare USA”; reversible sleeve with original and newly commissioned artwork; double-sided fold out artwork poster; presented in its original full frame 1.33:1 aspect ratio; original mono audio.

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