Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Wrekage-Reviewed and Contest.

Hello people,
Just got to see The Wreckage and i must say i was pretty impressed!
I thought it just looked like another slasher/ Supermarket DVD shelf filler but to me it seems to have more to it that pushed it above the usual DVD fodder.
The story starts with 2 young boys and their junkie mother at home when the local dealer arrives and interrupts the young boys TV watching threatening them etc, they don't take too kind to this and one of the boys flips out and gets a gun and proceeds to shoot the dealer square in the chest and then kills his mother, We then skip forward to see a criminal escape from jail who we later find out is the Psycho young boy that many years before committed the double murder.
We switch to a deserted car park where a young girl has broken down and awaiting her boyfriend to arrive and help when she is approached by a guy who offers his truck to keep her warm,you know what he's really after, after many times of saying no he attacks her and she makes a run for it screaming when we see the man killed, bang dead!!
We then get to meet the main cast that will be with us(well most of them!)throughout the movie, They arrange a local drag race and it takes place only for the belt to snap on their car and after an altercation with the other driver they are left stranded, the only local place they can find is the local "Wreckage" yard which guess who's hiding out there??
We see the first victim get shot in the stomach and the guy decides to run and get help, eventually the police turn up at the scene with paramedics by which time there has been more death, The thing i liked about it is the fact that you initially see just 4 people and think that OK here's the victims maybe one will survive so that leaves 3, you know the formulaic slasher film rules but with the arrival of the police and paramedics that certainly ramps up the body count considerably, the guy that arrives who owns the wreckage yard is really quite hilarious as well, a real Billy Bob character!
The film then follows the great formula of death after death, some very inventive as in the Final Destination films including a great death scene involving a car crusher, the killer is pretty cool looking as well, sporting a welding mask and overalls, very menacing!
So in summing up if you like your slashers this is a film for you or generally enjoy a horror film with a not too long running time and some great moments it's well worth checking out.
7/10 Jonny T.



An automobile wrecking yard after dark provides the perfect location for a nail-biting slasher with a killer twist in Wreckage, directed by John Mallory Asher (One Tree Hill; Dirty Love) and featuring an attractive cast of young up-and-coming talent that includes Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad; Big Love; The Last House On The Left), Scoot McNairy (Monsters), Cameron Richardson (Harper’s Island; Point Pleasant), Kelly Kruger (Mysterious Skin; The Young And The Restless) and Mike Erwin (Chaos Theory).

When their car’s fan belt snaps during a drag race on a county road several miles outside their home town, best friends Jared (Erwin), Kate (Richardson), Rick (Paul), and Jessica (Kruger) find themselves stranded with two options: walk all the way back home or try their luck on finding a spare belt at a nearby scrap yard. Choosing the latter, but arriving after nightfall and finding the yard closed, they decide to climb the gate and go in search of the required part. Their situation goes from mildly inconvenient to seriously lethal in an instant when Rick’s careless horseplay with a loaded pistol leaves Kate wounded and in desperate need of medical attention.

Meanwhile, the local sheriff’s office has just received notification that a serial killer has escaped from the state prison and is thought to be hiding out somewhere in the area. Alerted to the situation at the wrecking yard by Jared, the police and ambulance crew arrive on the scene but can find no immediate sign of Rick, Jessica or the injured Kate. Moments later, the discovery of a mutilated body places Jared in the frame as the prime suspect in a murder investigation and leads to a long night of bloodshed and mayhem as a mysterious killer stalks the yard determined to slay everyone and leave no witnesses.
Wreckage (cert. 15) is out now on DVD (£12.99) by Chelsea Films.


So folks i have been very kindly give a copy of Wrekage on DVD for 1 of you lucky people to win!
For your chance to win just answer this simple question.

Aaron Paul the star of Wreckage was in which classic Wes Craven Remake?

A-The hills have eyes.
B- The Last house on the left
C-A nightmare on Elm Street

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Contest will close on August 31st and the lucky winner will be informed by email,
Good Luck!
Jonny T.

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