Friday, 20 January 2012

Book(s) of the month-Lakewood/Ashton Memorial.

Robert R Best.

Lakewood Memorial
The small town of Lakewood has been overrun by the walking dead. In a
single night, the world has descended into a madness of biting teeth
and a sickness that kills but does not kill. Caught at the centre of
it is Angie Land, young single mother and nurse's aide at Lakewood
Memorial Hospital. She and a handful of others are lucky enough to
survive the initial assault, but how long will they last? And more
importantly to Angie, how long will her kids - waiting at home -

Hello Folks,
The good old book of the month is back!
This month i have kind of cheated by having not one but 2 books, The first 2 parts in the Memorial trilogy that are Lakewood and Ashton Memorial, now you know me I'm a sucker for a great zombie book and the sad fact is that although zombies are ever increasing in popularity the books and indeed films are churned out at the rate of McDonald's burgers and the quality of these books/films are also the quality of those burgers, crap!
But i have to say that these 2 really stand out both in the fact of the characters and storyline,atmosphere and genuine twist that leaving you hanging on and me personally cannot wait for the third book, so whens it out Mr Best?
So for all you good folks, i have put the link to Roberts site below for you to try these out for yourselves and blow away those January blues,
Jonny T.

Official Webpage for all the ways to get these books and more!!

Ashton Memorial
How long does it take for the world to fall apart, when the dead
inexplicably rise from their graves to eat the living?As they travel
to the big city of Ashton to find their families, Angela Land and
Parker Welch discover the world goes to hell fast. Angie, desperate to
find a safe new place for her and her two children, will fight any man
or animal—living or dead—that gets in her way. Meanwhile, Park hasn't
seen his twin daughters for years, but he'll need to hurry if he's
going to rescue them from their crazed power-hungry stepfather and the
chaos that is his new kingdom, Ashton Memorial Zoo. With more undead,
bat-swinging, creative-swearing action, Ashton Memorial asks the
question, What would you do to survive?
World Memorial
….stay tuned…..

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