Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Walking Dead season 2-Part 2 is nearly here!!

Hello all,
Well it only seems like 5 minutes when i read back last year that The Walking Dead was having a mid season break, nooooooooooooo!!! Well that's what i thought, but whilst filling my time in with another series the rather excellent Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead are nearly upon us once again, set to return on February 12th in the USA and 1 week later in the UK it's great to see that they have extended the run of the season from 12 to 16, i also follow the writer Robert Kirkman on Twitter and he announced last week that they have already sat down and started to write season 3 which in his will "Blow you away".
An avid reader of the comics since issue 1 i know that there are some indeed parts that will blow you away in case you haven't read it but i hope they do keep close to the comic and try and not to divulge too far away like the weak ending in my opinion of season 1, will Shane truly flip? will dale push Shane too far? who knows!! I have included a sneek peak for season 2 below which i personally haven't watched as it may contain spoilers so be warned.
So with a little over 3 weeks to go i personally cannot wait, bring on the dead!
Jonny T.

Sneeky Peeek season 2!!

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