Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Is DVD Dead? Well I for one hope not as I have just brought a load from closing down stores of Blockbuster! The Reason I am writing this is because I was recently listening to a podcast that are sponsored by online streaming site Netflix, The conversation went along the lines of “why buy DVD when you can stream all the movies you want from NETFLIX?” I immediately though hang on a minute there are a couple of points here, Not only the money that has been spent by myself and probably you on DVD’S but what if the internet goes down or their server? You won’t be able to watch any movies, imagine that! Not only that they don’t have every movie, now I Know that not every movie of course has been released on DVD and even some of the deleted titles command a very high price and what about the fantastic extras you get on many a DVD for example all the stuff on the Arrow Video releases and great documentaries such as the one on the USA release of The Shining, Directors commentaries? Deleted Scenes?? Alternative endings??? I Could go on, now I realise that as with cinema in general how lame it has become and probably only geeks like me and you give a shit about a great DVD release packed with extras but I hope that it certainly won’t have a major effect on the future releases of great DVD’s.

Some of our recent second hand finds modelled by the lovely Emma!

Now, I am certainly not against streaming movie sites I think it’s a fantastic idea (Although obviously Blockbusters do not) I myself have LOVEFILM which Is great for random picks and TV series but for me there is nothing quite liking getting hold of a great DVD on EBay or wherever that I have been after, lately I have been doing that thing we do of completing collections, all the Chucky movies, Halloween Movies ETC as well as picking up some fantastic box set’s and special editions that include Evil Dead 1 and 2 rubber book of the dead editions, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie steel tin, The Amicus, Pete Walker and Norman J Warren Coffin shaped sets, to name but a few, also some of my favourites are the Arrow Video releases of Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, all the Argento releases and Fulci Releases, Also you get some truly brilliant Asian Cinema releases these days as well, not seen many of those on streaming either apart from the most popular titles.

I Have as many of you have now on quite a few Blu-Rays as well, which is also a great format which in my opinion sits well next to my DVD collection but does not quite replace it, so imagine if someone like me said to you “Hey, I now have streaming movies, do you want all my DVD’s and Blu-Rays because I no longer need them?” I really can’t ever imagine doing that, but then again saying that I probably would have said the same of my good old VHS tapes, is DVD dead? No, long live DVD!
Thanks for reading, I’m off to EBay!!
Jonny T.

Some of my favourite DVD'S Boxsets

Norman J Warren, Pete Walker, The Amicus Collection and The Tigon Collection.

Old Boy box set including Hammer Bottle opener.
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie Tin Box including Toe Tag!

My Evil Dead 1&2 Rubber Book Editions.


  1. I feel the same way. And it seems with each passing day I grow more and more against digital formats. Not to sound like an old man, but its just killing part of the magic of being a movie lover. Ive gotten where I dont stream movies at all anymore. Same with music. I guess it just comes with being a collector. I LIKE stuff. Cant proudly show off, or get an autograph, on a digital download.

  2. Exactly sir, there is still in my opinion see or picking up an great release of a film you love, it takes more time to choose a DVD to watch and i have done it so many times when a film is streaming and i hae just turned it off.