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Sightseers - Review By Jonny T.

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Jonny T here with my review of Sightseers, The new film from Director Ben Wheatley Sightseers has to bee seen, that's 1st off, Anyone that saw his last movie Kill List will know what to expect in the fact that it's British cinema at it's finest in my opinion, Now i do have to say that i Kill List was a bit hit and miss for me to be honest but Sightseers hit every spot, It tells the story of couple Tina and Chris, from the start you kind of tell that something is not quite right with them both to say the least! Tina lives at home with her invalid mother and Chris is a keen Caravan enthusiast, we see him plotting out the route for their caravaning holiday with such places to visit as The Blue John Mines, The Tram Museum and even the crazy world of the pencil museum, now this may not sound like the most exciting road trip but what we see along the way it never fails to keep your attention and delivers some truly violent shocks as was the case with Kill List.
The 1st glimpse you see that Chris is a little deranged is where they are taking a tour on the Tram whilst a rather large gentleman is stuffing his face and proceeds to throw his food wrapper on the floor, Chris points out that he is littering and the fat guy just gives him the Finger, Cut to the car park with Chris enraged at the  ignorance of the large chap when he See's him in his mirror walking across the park again stuffing his face and yet again throwing the wrapper on the floor so Chris does no more than slams the car in reverse and splatters him with his caravan! He makes out to Tina and the police that this was clearly an accident and of course they believe him and on their merry way they go!
They arrive at the Caravan Park and race another car to get one of the last remaining places on the site where they happily park up and head off for a country ramble, on the way they meet the people who they beat to the best spot, Chris instantly knows the make of the Caravan and asks to look around, uneasy scene follows with them both in the Caravan with the couple looking around when Tina spots the little dog on the bed who reminds her of one she lost (The flashback scene where we see how this happened is hilarious!) she offers the dog a crisp much to the shock of the posh lady caravan owner who only feed the dog organically apparently, so she shouts at Tina to the obvious disdain of Chris who slyly knock one of their posh plates off the side and it smashes on the floor, whilst doing this he slips a sly wink to Tina who smiles, She seems to be getting the gist of his personality and loves it!

So Chris wakes up next morning very early to have a walk, but not just to walk but to find the man in the other van, He finds him, batters him with a rock and throws him off a cliff, thus making it look like yet another accident, He then steals his camera which comes in to play later on in the film.
I shan't go on to tell you more as it may spoil it but you get the basic gist and Tina becomes more involved, The story is by all means not an original one when you see it as the same as Bonnie and Clyde and even Natural born killers, The main man the killer and his besotted girlfriend loving him so much she becomes involved and doesn't seem to care what he does, Now i say the story isn't that original but the way it is portrait in Sightseers certainly is, The humour is very dark and the violence extreme, it builds the pace nicely so when the violence does occur it's truly shocking, wait until you see the fate of the man the tries to get Tina to clear up the dogs mess!It Certainly is a film that you could watch again with so many undertones of what actually is going off within the heads of Chris and Tina and the great thing is it is one of those rare films where it's not all laid out plain and simple, that's right folks one of those rare films that actually gets you thinking!
With more than a wink to such great films by the likes of Pete Walker as in Frightmare and even in a dream sequence where he See's vampires and the claustrophobia of a caravan reminded me so much of the classic Jose Ramon Larraz movie Vampyres This is up there with one of the best British movies i have seen in a long long time and personally cannot wait to see what lies next for director Ben Wheatley, Definitely a director to keep your eye on.
A great time, a very high recommend from me!
8/10 Jonny T.

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