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A place of hope-Written by Molly I Jennings

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with a first and a great exclusive for the blog courtesy of Molly Jennings, Now you all know Big Man Gav and it appears that is daughter Molly is also a fan of horror, Now we know this from her great review on here for The Woman in Black but it transpires that she has taken up writing and here is her 1st story "A Place of hope" and its awesome! Especially the twist at the end, for such a young lady i do have to say the writing and imagination is amazing, so give her your support and you never know she could well be the next Max Brooks! Thanks Molly and keep 'um coming!
Jonny T.

Molly with Authour Lynette Creswell

A place of hope

Written by Molly I Jennings

I couldn’t see any way out of this mess the zombies that craved our flesh grew ever closer. Their mournful cries echoed down the dark dank eerie alleyway, they echoed and bounced around our skulls. Sabrina my only nearest and dearest friend was terrified. Her family had all been tragically eaten alive. The sadness had stayed in her eyes; her dishevelled black hair stuck out at an angle…

Earlier that day.

I had woken to the sound of screaming. I streaked downstairs to see a pale old man with glassy white eyes and blood all over his torso biting Mr Jackson’s neck. Blood spurted everywhere it flowed out of the bite marks in his neck like a waterfall. It was a truly terrifying experience! The pale man looked up and saw me he dropped his victim and staggered towards me his arms spread out like an eagle. Mr Jackson’s body dropped like a stone. Sabrina came to the top of the stairs oblivious to what had happened to her father. Her mother must have still been in bed. After a few minutes the pale man went back to eating Mr Jackson. Sabrina hissed at me to come upstairs I obediently followed her into her room. She was watching the news channel on her TV a new headline flashed up boldly it read “mutilated humans walk the streets” She slumped onto her bed and changed the channel again it spoke of mutilated humans walking the streets of Britain but the news reporter then added

“Stay in your homes, lock all your doors and windows. Close all of your curtains, if your pets have been outside in the last 24 hours and they show signs of drowsiness or keep trying to bite you then also remove them from your house and definitely do not make any loud noises or shine bright lights. If you know anyone who has been bitten immediately remove the carcass out of your home. Do not keep them as they are highly dangerous. If you find you can not get the bodies out then the only way to stop them is to kill them. Do this by stabbing it in the heart or removing the head. The government are going to deploy the army very soon”

Sabrina got up and went to her mother’s room. The door had already been opened I knew what was coming. I heard two men eating loudly. I quietly entered the lavender smelling room. There was blood all over the tartan carpeted floor just behind the bed was Sabrina’s mother. She had been ripped apart her right arm had been bitten clean off. The pale man and Sabrina’s father were eating her right arm. I couldn’t watch any more I ran out of the room to Sabrina. Sabrina peeked into the room and saw the scene. She calmly walked to her room shut the door and sat down. She quietly began to sob. After a little while she stopped. She got up, grabbed her bright green rucksack and began to pack: a spare pair of clothes, her I pod, her green toothbrush, her hair brush and her most prized possession a teddy bear wearing a red t-shirt that had a picture of her parents on it. Sabrina had been given it when she was born. She couldn’t sleep without it and now it would be the only thing she had left of her parents. She tip-toed down the stairs and went into the kitchen. She packed a lot of food and 4 bottles of water. Sabrina zipped up her bag and opened the front door I trailed behind her. She carefully shut the door… there were lots of Zombies down one end of the street. We could not go to the other end as it was a dead end. There was no where at all to go unless.

Sabrina began to groan and moan like a zombie she had got a very high level in her drama class it was a good thing too as she passed it off. We managed to sneak to the main road. We continued the act until we got to Auntie Elle’s house. The door was open and blood was spattered on the wall. Auntie Elle’s dislocated body was in various pieces on the floor. Uncle Ben came staggering through the hall way his eyes were glassy and his usual flushed colour was now an icy pale. In sheer terror we backed out of the house into a big crowd of Zombies.

They snarled and tried to eat us but we ran. We ran for our lives. We ran for everything we had. We ran. Straight down an alleyway. Brilliant. We kept backing down the alley. I could hear a dripping drain behind the zombies. Eventually we hit the wall. We were goners. We would die I knew it. I began to think what they were going to do to us. The zombies drew in even closer. I saw Mr and Mrs Jackson and Uncle Ben and Aunt Elle within the horde how could they kill Sabrina? There own daughter. There own niece. Sabrina began to pray then she started to sing her favourite song. What on Earth was she doing? I pondered she thought she could charm her way through the crowd didn’t she. Well it obviously didn’t work other wise they would have stopped drawing in closer! It was horrifying Sabrina was grabbed and was ripped …

I woke up and opened my yellow beady eyes. I was in my cosy basket I wish I would have had a dream of catnip instead. What a dream to have! Sabrina was sat cross legged in her chair and Mr and Mrs Jackson was sat on the sofa. None of the things in my nightmare were true. I was safe and warm in my basket licking my fur. Sabrina called me so I jumped up and sat on her lap for her to stroke me. I was home.

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