Friday, 15 March 2013

Fred Of The Dead for Comic Relief!

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here just doing my bit for Charity! Now you may find this a little odd, with me saying the word "Charity" and a picture of Shaun of the Dead above but this is how this post came about........
I received a notification this morning on Twitter that i had been sent a message by my great buddy Gav The Big man, the Tweet included a photo of his young son Fred and what he was dressing up as for school as part of Comic Relief Red Nose Day, Now knowing Gav very well i knew this would be cool as i have seen Fred before dressed up by Gav as one of the Ghostbusters!So for today's Red Nose Day he is dressed as non other than Shaun(Simon Pegg) from the classic Shaun Of The Dead! As i said it was put out on twitter and pretty much immediately Nick Frost replied saying "Don't take that axe to school!" and so Gav challenged Simon Pegg that if he re tweeted the picture Gav would give a further £10 to Comic Relief and he Did! So many thanks to both Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for the help and Re tweets and Fred you look great!
So if you are feeling generous please click the link below to do your bit for the great Comic Relief and also i have included a link to the video archive which contain some hilarious one off clips filmed especially for Comic Relief,
Many thanks,
Jonny T.



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