Friday, 20 September 2013

DVD release of FAIRY TALE KILLER on 7 october


From the director of "THE EYE"(cert 15)


 A series of gruesome murders resembling fairy tales, puzzle a hard-nosed detective.

Inspector Wong arrests a seemingly disturbed man who has confessed to a brutal murder reminiscent of a children’s fable. After the supposed victim turns up alive and unharmed, the perpetrator is dismissed as a crank and let free. Days later, the victim turns up dead with his stomach cut open and stuffed with rocks. Wong realises he has let a dangerous killer go free and becomes obsessed with tracking him down whilst covering up his mistake. While Wong’s family life is neglected, more and more grizzly and bloody murders are committed laying reference to Cinderella, The Red Shoes and Hansel & Gretel.

Danny and Oxide Pang are screenwriters and film directors from Hong Kong. They frequently work in the Thai film industry, where they made their directorial debut as a team, ‘BANGKOK DANGEROUS’ (which was remade with Nicholas Cage) and their international hit ‘THE EYE’ has spawned a franchise, as well as Hollywood and Hindi remakes.

Psycho-thriller FAIRY TALE KILLER is written and directed by Danny Pang, in collaboration with Thai director of photography Decha Srimantra (THE EYE, CHOCOLATE).

Starring Sean Lau (MAD DETECTIVE, LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE), Wang Bao Qiang (BLIND SHAFT), Elanne Kwong (THE CHILD’S EYE), Elena Kong (A SIMPLE LIFE, VENGEANCE), Joey Meng, Low Houi Kang, Lam Suet (KUNG FU HUSTLE, SPARROW)

DVD Special features:
-      Interview with Sean Lau
-      Making Of

Genre: Horror, thriller
Certificate 15
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese and Mandarin languages with English subtitles.
Running time: 90 min approx
RRP: £14.99

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