Saturday, 21 September 2013

Monsters Wanted - Reviewed by Jonny T.


Monsters Wanted tells the story of Rich and Janel and their struggles to realise their dream of opening a scream park, Now it is similar intone to the great documentary The American Scream but  their dream is on a way much larger scale.
The film opens with the excitement and Buzz of the Halloween season approaching and it’s all smiles and laughs as we see them going through some people for auditions to work at the scream park, some of them are good, some bad and some genuinely creepy even without the make up! One guy particularly so, he likes to scream at children until they cry and uses a real chainsaw as part of his act, a real fruit loop!
The preparations continue and just spiral way out of control, life’s savings are put in and they slowly dwindle, Deadlines aren't met, Props don’t arrive or fail to work, there are fights a plenty to say the very least the smiles and laughter soon disappear.

Rich And Janel, Too much Coffee?

The one that seems the most affected by all this is Janel, she often is seen just sitting there staring into space and talking about how “all the money has gone” This mood comes not just for her but for Rich as well the fact of sleep deprivation, he says he probably is getting 2 hours sleep a day at the very most and we see Janel doing her very best to keep awake even by downing coffee straight  from the jar!
It has to be said that most of the people involved on the project are extremely talented from the make up artists to the FX people, the lighting people to name but a few.
Along the way we get to see them attend some fantastic looking Halloween prop sales conventions with some fantastic props as well as them building up the ideas they have. Now I really do have to admire people like these, basically living the dream even if it is temporarily interrupted by nightmares, I won’t spoil anything by saying whether the succeed or fail but needless to say it’s pretty much gripping from the outset.  
So in summing up this is in my opinion a great companion piece to The American Scream and with the Halloween season approaching and the dark nights closing in this is a great way to spend an evening, but beware that guy with the chainsaw, imagine if he was your neighbour!!!!
Jonny T.

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