Thursday, 3 October 2013

Curse of Chucky - Reviewed

“Based on a true story, From the producer of Paranormal Activity, Scripted by a man that has seen Saw, From the same team that brought you Insidious” None of the previous statements are true and I’m glad! In a pretty bland in my opinion year for horror we have the return of everyone’s favourite doll Chucky! Curse of Chucky is once again written and directed by Don Mancini and we also still have Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky, so all good there then. So I do have to wonder why it has taken them 9 years to get this film up and running and to say it has a low budget it is a shame to see it go straight to DVD when the likes of various remakes/reboots have gotten Cinema releases, not saying that this is a classic but it’s certainly better directed and acted than many a movie I have seen in the cinemas but I guess that’s the way that Hollywood Rolls.

So, The story opens with Nica (Played by Brad Dourif’s Daughter Fiona) who lives with her mother Sarah (Chantal Quesnelle), Nica is wheelchair bound and has what appears to be a happy relationship with Sarah. Then comes a knock on the door and a delivery guy delivers a rather large box and starts to hit on Nica of which she is very flattered. We then see Sarah who wonders what it is open the box to reveal a brand new shiny Chucky Doll, Her and Nica have no recollection of ever ordering such a doll so Sarah put’s him straight in the bin, Bad move! Later that day Nica discovers Sarah dead with blood oozing out. So poor old Nica is left on her own but she has a somewhat greedy sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) who comes to stay with her husband and daughter and their new nanny as well as a priest. It transpires that her sister is not really there for the love and care of her sister but purely for her own means and broaches the subject of selling the large house much to the annoyance of Nica.

Then the little girl tells her mum she really need to pee, nice, They take her up stairs, she does her pee then thinks she see’s something moving behind the shower curtain, pull it back and yep you've guessed it, Chucky!  Her brand new toy.  She takes Chucky into the kitchen whilst Nica prepares a family meal and when they are all out of the room Chucky awakens and sprinkles a liberal dose of rat poison in one of the dinners, Baaaaaad Chucky! So you get the meal scene and it’s kind of like a Russian roulette, you don’t really know who has the poisoned meal but with each one of them at various points showing signs that they may be poisoned, I shan't tell you who it is but the outcome is great!

So it’s all now in place, With a few people now in it  there’s your body count sorted. If you are familiar with the previous child’s play movies you pretty much know what to expect but I will say this, the gore level has been ramped up significantly to say the least, with some of the deaths easily rivalling the deaths in The Final Destination Series. The direction by Mancini is great with some really mad angles and shots so full kudos to him. Fiona plays the part of Nica excellently as the other cast members are also pretty good it has to be said. The film plays out pretty much as you would expect but does do a great job in the form of flashbacks and ties up loose ends that may have been left open throughout the series, Some good plot twists, Great Gore and the usual fantastic Chucky sayings still makes him one evil little fucker, oh and one last point, make sure to watch through the credits for a great ending. So all in all, it’s a child’s play film but in my opinion a lot better than the last 2 in the series, I personally wasn't expecting much and was pleasantly surprised.
Jonny t.  

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