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The Conspiracy - Reviewed.

The Conspiracy Reviewed.

So I went into The Conspiracy pretty much blind on the recommendation of my good friend Steve , we pass many an hour away at work by talking about conspiracy theories and programmes such as the Jessie Ventura and Joe Rogan ones as well as what we've seen on YouTube. So he had seen it and said I’d enjoy it so I gave it a go and here are my thoughts.
The film opens up with our 2 documentary makers Jim (James Gilbert) and Aaron (Aaron Poole) who have been sent a link to a video of a guy Robert Williams (Dennis O’Conner) who is known on YouTube as an insane guy that stands around New York with a Megaphone shouting out at passing people telling them they are all “Slaves” and are lied to daily by the people that control them. What catches the filmmakers eyes are not the amount of views the videos have had but the comments, the comments are basically everyone agreeing to pretty much everything he is saying. So they decide to set out to find Robert Williams, it doesn’t take them long to find him.

They arrive at his apartment and when he opens the door it is a conspiracy theorists dream, Every single wall his covered with newspaper clippings and internet pages and he slowly explains how this particular thing in this year relates to another thing from another year that then ties in with every USA president all finished off with him saying “BOOM!” He clearly is not all there although saying that it’s fascinating stuff! He then sits down with them for a brief interview where he ends by saying “You do not want to be like me”.
We then see him  followed around on his daily routes with a notice board strapped to his back before he sets up in a park with his stand and argues with some guy over the 9/11 attacks, They then go and grab a coffee where he points out to them about a guy on a bicycle at the end of the street in shades who he swears is following, so he shouts at him “GO FUCK YOURSELF!” and the man duly rides off, Paranoia or is he actually being targeted?
This leads to the next part where the Jim and Aaron try and make contact with Robert but to no avail, 4 weeks pass and still no sign, they go into the internet chat rooms where he was a daily user and nobody has heard a thing so they decide to try and get into his apartment, on arrival they find it pretty much emptied and people just taking stuff out, it’s a an empty shell. Aaron then sees that there is still a hell of a lot of the newspaper/internet clippings lying around and tells Jim that there is no way they should go to waste and scoops all the clippings into a couple of black bags and the return to his apartment.

They once again venture into the chat room and get warned to drop what they are do and leave well alone an article they found in the new York times, The guy who warns them is the guy that wrote it and knows what will happen if the carry on perusing a truthful answer and the outcome for them will not be good. They do set up a meeting with the guy and this is where they start to get followed, The see the man on the bicycle and are randomly followed by a dark windowed black 4x4. Aaron rather than being put off by this is determined more than ever to pursue the truth and spirals downwards to almost becoming Peter Williams, So what will be the outcome? Will Aaron drop it? Well I won’t spoil anything here!
In summing up it’s a very well made Mockumentary with some great acting by all involved, It’s a mix of factual events and actual news footage clips and the whole subject of his conspiracy theory business is to me personally fascinating, Not just in the fact of the government won’t tell us the truth etc. but the way it can blow people’s minds that they are so convinced by anything and everything they read.
Jonny T.

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