Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Godzilla 2014 New Trailer and Poster hits!

After a few months anxious wait the full trailer for this years epic monster movie GODZILLA! As you may or may not know i am a massive Godzilla fan and cannot wait to see it, Surely it has to better than Hollywood's last Attempt? An interesting twist from the original is that Godzilla seems not to be created from nuclear tests but the test weren't actually tests Godzilla was already here and those bomb's were sent to try and kill him or her whatever your take on Godzilla is! 
Also there are rumours that Godzilla will not be the only monster, roll on May 16th!
Jonny T. 


  1. Hope it's Better than the last one MrT, how's about H.C.C revisit s :)

  2. Here's something much better jon, You'll Love it THE WARRIORS (1981)
    check it out stream or D/L