Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Shady DVD out March 24th

Is pleased to announce the DVD release of

The debut film of Ryohei Watanabe, made at the age of 24 with only a £10,000 budget!

Japan / 2012 / 94 Mins / In Japanese with English subtitles / Colour

Starring:  Mimpi*β, Izumi Okamura

Out on DVD March 24th, 2014

DVD Special Features
Anamorphic Widescreen transfer with 5.1 Surround Sound
Interviews with director Ryohei Watanabe and actresses Mimpi*β & Izumi Okamura

Ryohei Watanabe’s debut film concerns two teenage girls and their friendships. The first friend is Misa, a stocky girl who is viciously dubbed Pooh at school, due to her surname “Kumada” (bear + rice paddy) and masculine frame. The other friend is Izumi, who says she can’t make and keep friends because all the other girls are jealous of her looks. Together, the two become best of friends owed to them both being such firm outsiders. Their blossoming friendship starts off as endearing and as the two spend more and more time together the sheen of the relationship peels away. When the darkness and violence eventually bleed into the mix, that authenticity turns what could just be another tale of teenage friendship gone awry, into a genuinely disturbing thriller.

Nominated – Best Debut Film – Raindance Film Festival
Winner – Entertainment Award and Cinema Fan Award at the PIA Film Festival

“An amazing debut…a taut, involving and disturbing film” – James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood

“Shady is the work of a seriously talented emerging filmmaker. It won’t be long before Watanabe is being compared to Kiyoshi Kurosawa” – Rob Simpson, The Geek Show

Izumi Okamura
Ayumi Seko
Hiroki Horikawa
Isao Nakazawa
Masataka Sanada
Juzo Kakei
Nagi Sakamoto
Ayumi Nigo
Ikuma Sato
Gota Ishida

Producer                          Ryohei Watanabe
Cinematographer             Katsuki Tsuji
Production Sound Mixer     Azumi Shimano
Boom Operator                  Miho Makino
Art                                    Naomi Hayakawa   Fumiko Hiramatsu
Film Editor                        Ryohei Watanabe
Colorist                            Katsuki Tsuji
Sound Designer                Yasuho Matsubara
Music                              Naoyuki Chikatani
Assistant Director             Yuki Onoda   Shota Watanabe
Screen play                      Ryohei Watanabe
Director                           Ryohei Watanabe

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