Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Jurassic World - Review By Big Man Gav!

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here with a review of literally the biggest summer blockbuster in years, Smashing box office records all over the world it certainly is a monster hit, Right that's enough of cheesey balls, On to the review, Take it away Big Man and of course the final words from the uber cool kid Fred!!

Hello sir, I have already seen it mate. In fact here be my thought for the blog. Enjoy!

Jurassic World

To be fair, right from seeing Jurassic Park for the first time back in the early nineties I have never been a huge fan. Dinosaurs just don't do it for me in quite the same way as flying Deloreans, aliens with lighty up fingers or transforming robots do. All three movies kind of left me feeling under whelmed and this new instalment to the franchise was all but consigned to the 'might get the blu ray in the run up to Christmas' pile. Even considering its impressive partnership with Lego which I normally swarm around like a fly on shit! Recently however, I saw the trailer ahead of a Mad Max screening and my opinion began to sway. Despite some dodgy looking plot involving Chris Pratt leading a pack of Raptors on a dirt bike(!) I was actually feeling quite excited. Naturally, my eight year old son Fred, a bonafide 'creature feature' fanatic, was of course all over this already and needed no persuasion whatsoever in accompanying dad to a Friday morning matinee. God bless teacher training days!
So where does this new entry fit into the Jurassic Park story arch. It's not one of those shoddy re-imaginings is it? You might well ask. Well, for all intense purposes Jurassic World is a direct sequel to the original film with little to no interest in 'Lost world' or part 3. Quite why anybody would still want to visit a dino park after the tragedy from decades previous is lightly skirted around and Hammond's original dream of creating a pre-historic wonderland is already in full swing. Mankind's insatiable appetite for bigger and better thrills has forced the park scientists to splice different bits of dinosaurs together creating 'supersaurs' like the latest attraction, a hybrid 'Indominus Rex'. I'll try and avoid any real spoilers but suffice to say it isn't long before things go wrong and everything becomes very familiar. Maybe too familiar, as some of the set pieces are practically grafted from the original film but if i'm totally honest that's about all I can find wrong with Jurassic World. I can't offer a true opinion of the 3D aspect as we opted for 'XPLUS'. Ultra HD albeit 2D picture, state of the art sound, blah, blah, blah. Everything looked awesome, including the convincing CGI, but this day and age you kind of expect that from a summer blockbuster. For me the beauty lies within. Hats off to the script writers for managing to almost completely one eighty my opinion and come up with an exciting and genuinely enjoyable Jurassic movie. It might not be particularly original, borrowing the best bits from Aliens, Jaws and everything in between but it sure is fun! Director Colin Treverrow does a sterling job of following in Spielberg's footsteps and although relatively unheard of is a talent to watch. In lesser hands i'm sure they would have bungled sensitive issues like man and raptor side by side but thankfully, Treverrow keeps it fairly sensible. Bryce Dallas Howard is as good as ever and Chris Pratt continues his domination of Hollywood and from watching this it's no surprise he is tipped to be the next Indiana Jones. In line for a golden Jonny this year must be youngster Ty Simpkins for his wonderful portrayal of kid in peril 'Gray'. With 25+ credits already under his belt he's no newcomer but surely destined for greatness. He brings great sensitivity to his character that I can't recall seeing since the likes of Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore in E.T. Vincent D'Onofrio plays human protagonist Hoskins, a man on a mission to weaponise Dinosaurs in a subplot not entirely dissimilar to, yep you guessed it, Aliens. Like I said before Jurassic World won't win any awards for originality but if the record breaking opening weekend figures of £500,000,000 are anything to go by who cares? It was great family entertainment and I am looking forward to the just-announced follow up. So what did Fred think of Dinosaurs being back on the big screen? I'll let him have the final words... "AWESOME WICKED COOL!"

After thought by Jonny T......

Well thanks Gav I knew you  and Fred would love it, Here are a brief thoughts of mine, It was full of Hollywood cheese of course it was, I loved the way they toyed around and tied in the old stuff to the brand new shiny Jurassic World, Also there is a TON of nods as Gav said to classics such as Jaws and Aliens. I do like the theory currently floating around about Chris Pratt actually being the Kid from the first film being told told by Sam Neil to "Respect" the Raptors. So in summing up for me it was everything I expected and then some, We were spoiled by Ray Harryhausen movies as kids so imagine what the kids these days think of movies like this, Loved it,
Jonny T.

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