Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Potwash Pete - Fantastic short film!

The other day on my boring bus journey home I was mindlessly flicking through Facebook when I came across a post from a group called Glorious Monster. The short film that was mentioned was called Potwash Pete, Now my journey home takes 2 buses and roughly around an hour, The second bus usually takes around 20 boring same old shitty sites minutes, Potwash Pete was said to run for 12 minutes, I turned on the 4g and pressed play, Loved It!
If you go to YouTube after viewing the fantastic Potwash Pete and check out some more of Glorious Monsters stuff. I particularly liked the pervy driving instructor, Very funny, The shorts are very British and reminded me a lot of greats like League of gentlemen and even the very dark humour of some of Ben Wheatleys work. I'll try and find out some more info on them and pull a few strings and hopefully may even get an interview,
Jonny T.

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