Saturday, 11 July 2015

Ash VS The Evil Dead - Trailer arrives!

So its Saturday morning at 5.45 and I'm stood at my bus stop waiting to do a Saturday shift when I look at my stop and it says 15 minutes until my bus arrives, Tired and grumpy I put the interwebs on to see people going mad about the new trailer for up and coming TV show Ash VS The Evil Dead. Now it wasn't all that long ago when I re-watched them all, Love Evil Dead 1&2, Evil Dead 3 isn't for me and as for the remake, Saw it, Forgot It. But I do have to say that Ash VS The Evil Dead looks fucking great! It looks incredibly gory for a TV show and Bruce is on top form kicking out those one liners in true ASH stylee, So here you go even though you've probably already seen it!
Jonny T.



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