Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Bastard Executioner - From the writer of Sons Of Anarchy

Hey Folks!
Recently finished filming The Bastard Executioner is the new series from the writer of Sons Of Anarchy Kurt Sutter. And not only that they have just release a trailer and it looks to be equally as violent as S.O.A. Set in the middle ages its a tale of betrayal and violence, Yes OK I know it sound just like S.O.A but that's not a band thing! Also starring his lady Gemma, no sorry I mean Katey Sagal.  A greatly written TV show with a ton of twists and violence, what is there not to like! Official site and trailer below, On a final note, If you have never seen S.O.A stop reading this and go watch it now!!!!! 
Jonny T.



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