Monday, 20 July 2015

'Adrift' powerful documentary about African migrants sailing to Europe for a better life - Out Now.

Adrift people of  lesser god tells of the plight from between 2005 and 2009 where 60,000 sub Saharan Africans made to the safety of Spain, Most went via the popular Spanish tourist destination of the canary islands, On top of those figures were a further 5,500 people rescued by red cross and N.G.O's from certain death in the Atlanic.

The documentary starts with a reporter, 39 people including two women and a 5 month old baby who have been at sea 24hrs, Leaving from Maurtitani in west Africa and if all goes well and to plan it will take them 5 days to reach what they see as the promise land.

The country that they are leaving is a Islamic republic that has undergone many failed coos and suffers extremist insurgents from neighbouring Algeria which the locals have still never forgiven the French  for leaving them to fend for themselves.

The whole trail from why the are originally leaving and where they want to go to what they see as a far better life is explored. It exposes the corruption of all local Police, Transporters and basically anyone with some power just exploit the weak whilst all the time being secretly. Exploited by every one from the Mafia to the Tailban life is not god and no lights are on at the end of the tunnel, so what would you do?

So far this year up until June 2015 there have been refugee and migrant arrivals across the Mediterranean  have reached above 100,000. With record daily numbers now arriving daily in Greece, The destination seems to have shifted quite considerably from Spain to the like of Greece and Italy. The current situation in Syria has made the situation a lot worse obviously. This year so far there have been over 1900 deaths which had double the figure of last year already.

In summing up Adrift is a fascinating documentary showing the true will power and determination of people with no other choices left in life but to take that one more final and possibly fatal  risk,
Jonny T.

ADRIFT:People of a lesser god is out now on DVD
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