Friday, 10 July 2015

STUNG - Reviewed By Jonny T.

I saw the poster for Stung and knew nothing about it, I had a little Google and it mentioned massive wasps invading a posh garden party and basically killing everyone, I’ll have a bit of that I thought, Surely 90 minutes of giant wasps after a long day will keep me awake and it sure did!
What can I say about Stung? Well, If you have ever seen a “B” monster movie or in this case a wasp one (sorry) you know what to expect and Stung delivers on all levels, The opening 15 minutes or so is a set up for a high end garden party that is an annual event but this year the party turns out to be a massive wasp massacre, I'm not going to go into loads of plot details or story lines because to be honest there isn't much, In saying that I don’t want that to sound in a bad way because it’s no way bad, It is a 90 minute fun time. I have seen pretty much all that is on offer in Stung before in many a monster movies but that didn't detract from the enjoyment from it any way at all, It has its fair share of gore and very predictable on a lot of levels. The CGI Is pretty solid apart from the last part of the film which looks a bit dodgy but then again its brilliant what the film makers have done with the budget.

Did I mention that Lance Henriksen is in it? Looking his age but still cool as fuck, He has some great lines and loves his vino! Does he die? Does he become the hero? Does he have a spectacular death? Well you’ll just have to find out for yourself, but it is worth it, He has some killer lines!
In summing up STUNG wears its classic horror influences proudly on its sleeve , Mostly I would say as an influence would be John Carpenters The Thing, So much so that I was waiting for someone to say the line “You've gotta be fucking kidding” at some point but it didn't go that far. It dips in a few places as to pan out the running time but it is what it is and I would say a lot of people will be talking about it soon, Well worth a watch folks,

Jonny T.

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