Thursday, 16 July 2015

LEGEND - Tom Hardy is Reggie and Ronnie Kray. Trailer released.

I like Tom Hardy, Seen him in Locke and Mad Max Fury road, Good films they were, Now he is playing both how should I put it? Notorious legendary gangsters Reg and Ronnie Kray, The thing is that a few years back I had two obsessions, The Krays and Andy Kaufmann. I really don't know what my head was playing at but it was interesting reading! Is Andy Kaufman still alive? Did the Kray twins really look after the East End and make it a really safe pace to live? The answer to both questions is probably no, The trailer for LEGEND looks great and shows a lot more of the later Kray story from what I can tell, Basically when them there American Mafia types came over and tried to start selling hard drugs and turn London into a Las Vegas, Obviously it all went tits up, Ah well, But for me its a period of time for the classic British stories and nothing more sums up the period of glitz and glamour, drugs, murder and pshycopaths than The Krays, Tom Hardy looks brilliant in it, Did I mention my Grandad used to work for the Krays? Ask me about that when you see me guvnor!
Enjoy the trailer,
Jonny T.

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  1. Tom Hardy will kill this performance; he's the top of the bill!