Tuesday, 8 September 2015

BAIT - Reviewed

This year so far in my opinion it has been a pretty decent year for movies from some great new directors, Films such as The Babadook (Jennifer Kent), It Follows (David Robert Mitchell), Aaaahhh! (Steve Oram) and now Bait from Emmerdale actor Dominic Brunt.


Bex (Victoria Smurfit) and Dawn (Joanne Mitchell) are trapped. Everyday they work the same market food stall, selling the same food to the same lowlifes. They dream of taking control of their lives and owning their own upmarket cafe, but they meet constant rejection. No one will give people like them a loan, and certainly not in this financial climate. Then they meet Jeremy (Jonathan Slinger) , an independent businessman who offers to fund their dream. Shocked and thrilled, they accept- but all too soon the true motives for Jeremy’s kind offer shine through.

Apparently Bait was very well received at this year's Fright Fest and it's easy to see why. Although the story isn't the most original ever in cinema history the direction and acting for a low budget movie is superb. A massive leap in my opinion from his last film Before dawn. The obnoxious loan shark and the meat head debt collector are played terrifyingly well, The ending is ultra violent and similar in tone to the French horror classic Inside. So in summing up I would definitely recommend tracking this one down and hope it gets the praise it thoroughly deserves and I for one will be waiting to see what Dominic Brunt comes up with next.
Jonny T.

Bait is out now on DVD.

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