Sunday, 20 September 2015

LEGEND - Reviewed.

You know them there Kray Twins, Good old Ronnie and Reggie, Looked after their own, Gave loads to charity and got banged up for 30 years each for murder, Nice. That's the Legend and the new movie is Legend.

A Tuesday off work and meeting my dad, Taking him to his first visit to Broadway cinema in Nottingham and he loved both the place and the film, As do I and as did I. My Granddad came from Stepney in the east end of London so my dad had some great stories afterwards about the the Krays activity at the time including my Granddad attending one of their famous/Infamous celebrity parties and talking to Ronnie Corbett!

The films starts with Reggie taking out two cups of tea to detective Nipper Reid and his colleague who are sat just down the road surveying the Kray house, This resulted in a couple of nudges from me dad saying "That looks like the street me grandma used to live on!" and "My Dad's first car was like that one!" Bless him. 

The story is mainly told from Reggie Kray's first wife Francis perspective of how they met and married. Played greatly by Emily Browning and this brings me on to the performance of Tom Hardy as both Ronnie and Reggie, At first it's weird but within minutes you totally forget that he is playing both parts, Incredibly done. I was especially impressed by his take on Ronnie Kray that was brilliant, Extremely witty and intimidating in equal measures, There was more than one occasion where I was on the edge of my seat thinking it's all going to get really bad any minute now then laughing at the stuff that Ronnie came out with, Just wait until the wedding scene with Reggie Krays mother in law and you'll see what I mean!

The film is based on the book by John Pearson "Profession of violence" which came out in 1975 and told the true story of the notorious twins and also it has been said that with them being sentenced in 1968 that the public interest had wavered somewhat by 1975 but with the release of this book it propelled them  back into the public eye and from that day they made more money inside than they ever did in the East End, 

So in summing up, Legend is definitely worth a watch, Tom Hardy is fantastic one thing is though that he has been touted as being the next James Bond which I personally hope he doesn't do as he is way better than that in my opinion always a flat role. Stick to Mad Max and Gangsters sir you did it superbly!
Jonny T.

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