Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Killers Moon - Retro Review

So on to another Sunday morning in bed with a cuppa. Whilst kettle is boiling and biscuits are found i once again entered the spare room. This time I fancied something off my classic British collection and there it was asking the question "Do you dream in colour Mr Trubshaw?" The mucky classic that is Killers Moon.
I would describe Killers Moon as akin to many a Peter Walker/Tony Tenser production from around that time but slightly dirtier, One of those films that makes you want to shower after seeing it and that's exactly what I did. Maybe not the best choice for a Sunday morning but in saying that a definite classic.
The basic premise is that a school bus full of young school girls breaks down in the remote countryside so they have to walk to find shelter. They eventually do find a guest-house that is closed for the season but the kind old lady (Citizen Smiths mum!)  decides to let them all stay anyway. All sorted, Except that four sexual predators have escaped from the local loony bin and are heading in their direction. Along with this we have a couple of men camping who regularly bring ladies back to the tent.

Things start to get bizarre when a three legged Doberman enters the tent obviously just having its leg cut off by something or someone in the woods.
Things start getting really grim when the lunatics find the guest house. It appears that all believe that they are in a dream brought on by the drugs they are all on, The fact is they are all nuts! Their appearance and some actions make it extremely similar in tone to A Clockwork Orange.
It really is hard to watch in places but also compelling to watch in others. The maniacs all have their own trait and everyone of them are equally unlike-able and terrifying.

The low score on IMDB doesn't do it justice, The end is equally as grim as the rest of the film and it really gives you a feeling like when The Texas Chainsaw Massacre finishes, Just grim but brilliant in equal meseaures, Go seek it out,
Jonny T.

Have a look at the trailer, You'll get the idea!

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