Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Turkey Shoot - Retro Review

So, After the re-watch joy that was Razorback I decided on another Sunday morning in bed and another delve into my Ozploitation shelf.
This time it was the totally insane classic Turkey Shoot.
Set in a government controlled future that is the year 2000 Turkey Shoot tells the tale of the rich taking people who the government have seen as committing crimes against them and locking them up in a camp so that the rich can randomly hunt them down.
It's bonkers, That sums It up really. It has the feeling of classics such as the big bird cage, Logans run etc..  The prison guards are totally evil and over the top and the gore level is up there. The characters of both the hunters and the hunted are brilliant. The huge bald prison gaurd is a pure lunatic. As for the Wolf man/Circus freak well he has to be seen to be believed. The head of the prison camp is called "Thatcher" strangely enough!

It does have a very strong underlying political message but this doesn't distract from what fun it is. Some brilliant one liners and way over the top acting, Brilliant.
I would definitely recommend you tracking this down as it's now readily available fully uncut.


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