Wednesday, 2 March 2016

ROAR!(1981) Reviewed.

Ravening jungle beasts assemble in flocks to invade an otherwise quiet home where they chase humans up and down stairways and from one room to another.
Director: Noel Marshall
Writers: Noel Marshall, Ted Cassidy
Stars: Tippi Hedren, Noel Marshall, Melanie Griffith

Now, The above synopsis is from IMDB - ROAR and pretty much sums up the film apart from the additional comment that should have been on there "It's off its rocker!"
Described as one of the most dangerous movies ever made you can see why it is touted as that.
Starring Noel Marshall as Hank, He plays a person who is doing research into big cat behaviour and basically lives with them in his cabin, Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Black panthers you name it and that black cat lives there.

Noel Marshall passed away in 2010 and to be honest I'm surprised he and many others made it through this film! There is of course an underlying story to ROAR but that some how gets forgotten as your jaw drops at what a loon he is around the big cats.


He charges into packs of fighting lions to try and brake them up, Gets taken down loads of times by packs of lions chasing him it just goes on and on. The editing must have been a nightmare to achieve a good looking film but they definitely achieved it . It says no animals were hurt during the filming but you an guarantee plenty of humans were!
We also get Tippi Hedran and a very young Melanie Griffiths. If you watch the scenes that involve the big cats you can see how genuinely nervous all the actors are except Noel Marshall he doesn't give a damn!.
It really is one of the films hat whilst you are watching and indeed after that you really want to research everything about it and what the hell went on,
All in all an insane price of film making, No CGI here just ROAR power!(sorry about that!)
Go hunt it down
Jonny T.

Remastered and uncut trailer

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