Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Forest - Reviewed.

"A woman goes into Japan's Suicide Forest to find her twin sister, and confronts supernatural terror"

Sometimes when you a see a big Hollywood release in the horror genre will be showing at the cinema and you are bombarded by TV spots and trailers you think "That might not be bad" as was the case with me and The Forest. I was wrong on this one.
The subject matter interested me as it's set near Mount Fuji in Japan which I was fortunate enough to visit a couple of years back, But I must say I didn't get to visit the suicide forest.
The film started to annoy me as soon as she arrived in Japan and went to a sushi bar where they served her live fish and she said "Er, Can have have one of those but dead" whilst the rest of the folks there laughed at here. Silly.
She eventually makes it to the suicide forest and finds her sisters deserted tent then the night sets in and so does the ridiculousness. It just relies on so many jump scares, The acting is bad and anyone who has seen any Asian movie ever will recognise all the rip off parts throughout.
Basically if you have never seen a horror film this would probably scare you to death, well probably not that much.

At points throughout the movie they do try and throw you a little tease at what you are watching could have a twist at some point but they never come. And I wont even say anything about the ending that was laughable at best. I as you know have been doing this here Blog for a while now and get sent straight to DVD previews and some of them are really good, so how come this got a cinema release? Money, Money, Money and a lady from Game Of Thrones.Good beginning but drops off to a bland predictable film. 
This should go straight to DVD then straight to the £1 shop, 
Very Poor, Save your cash!
Jonny T.

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