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My Favourite films of 2016.

Hello Folks,
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the new year! As a lot of people have done I bring you my top films of 2016. They are in no particular order and some may not be released until this year but I was fortunate enough to catch some of these at Nottingham's very own MAYHEM FESTIVAL . So hope you enjoy and i'm sure there are a few you have seen and maybe some you haven't but all are well worth checking out in my humble opinion,
Jonny T.

Train to Busan.
A film that has made many a list of 2016 and rightly so. In my opinion the best Asian zombie movie ever made. With probably about 3000+ zombie films last year Train to Busan stands head and shoulders above the rest. Brilliant story, Superbly acted, Flawless effects and extremely moving, It even made my dad cry! With a very limited cinema run at the back end of last year hopefully we shall get a release date soon and I for one will definitely getting it. On the downside though there has just been announced a Hollywood remake, No surprise but forget that! See this as soon as you can.

Due for release in 2017  I was fortunate enough to see it at last years MAYHEM festival. There was a lot of talk before the screening of it showing at festivals and people fainting! I knew little about it and it blew me away, A cannibal/coming of age movie of a young vegetarian girl who meets here older sister at veterinary college who has to go through various initiations in her first year.  The acting and cinematography are superb. It starts off a little slow but when the shocks start coming they come thick and fast. It also has a real kick in the balls twist. Be sure to keep RAW on your radar for 2017 it's brilliant!

Sadly this is said to be the last movie from the superb Studio Ghibli but there has been talk of future projects mainly in collaboration with other studios, Fingers crossed on that!
Marnie tells the story of a troubled teenage girl who is sent to the Japanese countryside to get her head and life back together. During secret nightly walks she becomes friends with a young girl at a seemingly abandoned grand home on the other side of the lake. When Marnie was there tells a brilliant story with all the charm and heart string pulling as well as the unique brilliant Ghibli animation. Animation may not be your thing but if you haven't seen any Ghibli I would whole hardheartedly recommend you do especially this. It's set for release early 2017 and I will definitely being adding this one to the collection.

Probably best described as the "Marmite" movie of the year, Some people loved it, Some hated it.
Its gross but for me hilarious and a brilliant soundtrack. I found myself in tears laughing and getting some strange looks of people in the cinema. It has a silly story and some jokes do repeat themselves a lot and i am still trying to work out what the end was about! I have since brought the Blu Ray and the soundtrack on Pink Vinyl. All i can really say is put some grease in your coffee and give it a go.

Another brilliant film from New Zealand. Director Taika Waititi does a superb job with an awesome cast in fantastic locations. Young Ricky is sent to a foster home way out in the mountains where he slowly gets used to the country life. Whilst out on a walk with his guardian Hec (Sam Neil) Hec has an accident where he can no longer walk and they become stuck in the wilderness. This leads to a massive manhunt basically suggesting that young Rick has been kidnapped. It may not sound the greatest plot line but there is so much more to it than just that. If you fancy a change from hum drum Hollywood please watch this. One the best movies i have seen in years.

Also due for release in 2017, The eyes of my mother is shot in black and white and brilliant for it. Deep dark and all round grim this is sure to be a hit in 2017 and a great start to the year for horror.
Tragedy hits a young girl in her remote country home and we see through various acts over the years what effect this has on her and how  she deals with it all. I though it had slight tones of Texas Chainsaw Massacre to it but not so in your face. Part subtitled and like I said filmed in black and white it looks superb.Unlike many a horror over the past few years that had more style than substance The eyes of my mother has it all for me.
 A fantastic debut from Nicolas Pesce and I feel it's destined to become a cult classic and I for one am looking forward to seeing what he comes up with in the future.

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