Thursday, 12 January 2017


So the big G is back with a huge crash,Bang, Wallop!
I as you may know am a huge Godzilla fan and was delighted to hear the news that Japan was finally going to do another movie, I don't mind the Hollywood versions but there is nothing like a Godzilla movie from the lad of the rising sun.
It starts with Godzilla rising from the depths and heading towards mainland Tokyo, They try everything and every weapon they can to stop him but surprisingly everything fails. Then then form a team of Nerds and Scientists to get there heads together to sop the giant beast once and for all.

Shin Godzilla is proper old school Godzilla at it's best. It starts with a massive scene and the end half hour or so is spectacular.  As with all the Japanese movies it has it's slow parts with various sub stories but you are always waiting for him to appear and when he does it's well wort the wait.
It's a mixture of man in a suit as well as great looking models and CGI, It has a lot of humour but not to the point that it gets ridiculous. The monster itself looks brilliant with a fair few surprises up it's big sleeve. It also ends quite obviously leaving it open to a sequel which I am totally fine with.
Running time at around 1hr 40 its just about the right length.
So in summing up welcome back big man! Long may you continue to stomp for many films to come.
Jonny T.


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