Monday, 18 April 2011

Classic Horror Campaign in cinemas Friday!!!

Hello Good people,
Bring back classic horror campaign has finally made it to the cinemas,this Friday!!
Well done to Richard and Sarah and the rest of the team for making it this far and i and hope you all support them along there great campaign,If you have not yet signed the petition make sure you do(The link is at the bottom of the page),
Good luck guys hope it goes great!!
Jonny T.

Classic Horror Campaign
The Classic Horror Campaign is proud to present “The Horror Double Bill” in association with the Roxy Bar & Screen, London.

This event will take place on Good Friday 22nd April starting at 3pm and will feature the classic horror fan favourite “Night of the Demon” followed by Hammer’s “Vampire Circus” which has gained a large cult following in the years since its release.

The screening will take place at the Roxy Bar & Screen on Borough High Street in London close to London Bridge and tickets cost just £5 per person on the door. This unique and popular venue is the perfect setting for the first in a series of events celebrating classic horror in the tradition of the BBC’s iconic horror double bill seasons of the 1970s and ‘80s.

The Classic Horror Campaign was set up by Richard Gladman in order to persuade the BBC and other television networks to bring these legendary films back to our screens so that they may be shared and appreciated by a whole new generation.

The campaign is being fronted by UK Scream Queen Emily Booth and is currently supported by various celebrities including Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman, Reese Shearsmith, actress Eileen Daly, best-selling author David Moody and Hammer Horror stalwarts Shane Briant and Caroline Munro.
For further information please contact Richard Gladman on mobile 07791022427 or email

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Twitter -@horrorcampaign
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