Thursday, 14 April 2011

Insidious-Review by Ken Harrelson.

Hello again friends, it’s Angry Puppy of Angry Puppy Films aka Ken Harrelson. I was writing up a review of a movie I went to see and thought it might be something our mutual friend Jonny might want to use.

So in a rare moment of whimsy, I went to see Insidious yesterday. My expectations were low. Not a big fan of the Saw franchise, but appreciate the contribution it has made to Horror as a genre. It is directed by the director of Saw, James Wan. OK. It wasn’t exactly whimsy. I’m in pre-production on a film called Angela’s Room that is a haunted house story and I wanted to make sure I hadn’t managed to write something similar to Insidious before I started spending cash like the drunken sailor I am.

The basic story- tragedy strikes family, child is in a coma-like state family is all torn up. Oh yeah, spooky stuff is happening in the house.
Overall, the film was beautifully shot. The lighting and composition of the shots were incredibly well done. There is a muted wash over the colors as the emotional state of the family disintegrates.

The acting was superb. Patrick Wilson was amazing as the Dad and Rose Byrne was fantastic as the stressed out Mom. Barbara Hershey shows up about midway through as grandma.
On a side not, Ms. Hershey is a talented actress and has been one for a long time. Yet now, playing Grandmothers, she's still a special bit o yummy. Sexist commentary over now. But really. Gorgeous.

I’m not sure how a teacher was able to afford to live in the houses they had in this movie. Maybe California teachers get paid something above a poverty level? I’m not sure about the comic relief ghost hunters or their psychic leader, but they were necessary to move the story along a rather weird path.

Honestly, it was a good scary flick. Perhaps the effect was enhanced by the chick behind me screaming at every scary moment. Somewhere in the beginning of the Third Act it turned into a "Thank God I didn't stand in line for this" Halloween Haunted House but for the most part it was a solid idea, well executed.

My recommendation- Not bad. I probably won't buy the DVD but will watch again on cable.

Let me know what you think! I am on twitter @angrypuppyfilms. Many thanks to Jonny for loaning me his soapbox! I feel like one of the speakers in Hyde Park, only with a Texan drawl!

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