Saturday, 30 April 2011

Films I have seen this year-Part 3!

Hello People,
Well i made it to part 3,coming at you with more of everything i have seen this year, I will as promised put everything on I watch for your pleasure or hatred,so here are the next lot of my movie watching year.
Jonny T.

The day of the beast.

First of a huge thanks to Mike and Sam over at for reminding me about this Spanish classic on a recent episode and it is a classic,Gory,great acting and funny as fuck!!Hard to come by but well worth your time to track down and watch 8/10.

Accion Mutante
Yet another great Spanish flick,staring some of the cast from Day of the beast,in my opinion not as good but freaky as hell and ultra gory,Definitely one for your foreign horror dvd collection 7/10


Bloody great documentary about the making and reunion of the cast and crew from the truly dreadful"Troll 2"Worth watching for the fanboy's reactions and the director who gets annoyed that people are taking the piss! 7/10


Couldn't find a trailer for this documentary from way back on the life and death of Lunatic shit thrower G.G Allin,Shocking doc indeed,Definitely not for those of you with a weak stomach! 8/10

Troll Hunter
I remember hearing about this little gem way back on the horror etc podcast and saw the you tube trailer and thought is this REALLY a film if so i need to see it NOW!!!I did get to see it and its fantastic,The CGI for a low budget flick is really quite incredible,just a great little movie,go hunt down The Troll Hunter now! 8/10

Rosemary's killer(a.k.a The Prowler)

A great underrated 80's slasher that is well worth a re-watch,Great FX by the master Tom Savini,It's the 1st time i have seen a full uncut version and boy is it gory!Great stuff 7/10.


Another Classic re-watch,Mega gore fest produced by Italian horror genius Dario Argento,Finger nails ripped off,teeth pulled out,Green blisters bursting puss,gross out on a mega scale,If you have not seen this yet go do so now,i said so! 9/10

True Grit(2010)

I am a biiig fan of the Cohen brothers and this was quite brilliant,never seen the original because i can't stand John Wayne!Well worth a watch if you like a bit of gold old western,usual Cohen slight humour and violence,great film 8/10

Classic monster film from the 80's with one of the best and most underrated monsters ever,Brilliant performance by the great man Lance Henriksen although a warning from me is i wouldn't bother with any of the follow ups,they stink! 8/10

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