Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Jonny's Cult films podcast-Mad scientists!!

That's me in my"Human Centipede" t-shirt from the great Darkbunnytees brought especially for this show!

Yes yes yes,it's been a while but we are back!I cant start explain how busy we have been and why it has taken so long to get this episode out and to be honest i really don't know why!
But good people,a big thanks for your patience and it will be rewarded in this episode by not 1 but 2,yep,2 competitions!The 1st contest is a massive package from the great director of The Italian Zombie Movie Thomas Berdinski including a T-shirt,Badges,Flyer's and last but not least a signed DVD from the cast and crew and the great man Thomas Himself!!Now,If you haven't checked out his stuff yet you should do know!!!

The 2nd Prize is from our special guest on this episode and to be honest the way it went he will now be a regular if  we didn't scare the shit out of him the one and only Gavin Jennings,He has given for a prize a brilliant head bobbler of Dr Octopus off of that there Spiderman,it's great!

To be in with a chance of winning just listen to the show and email the answers to
Competition ends on May 31st!

So this podcast is Dedicated to the great and wacky world of Mad Scientists.

The Italian zombie movie prize pic's!

The Dr Octopus Bobbler from Gavin!

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