Sunday, 15 May 2011

True Grit-2010 Review by Whaid Latif

Welcome back good people,
I would like to welcome a new writer for Jonnys Cult films,The one and only Whaid Latif!
His 1st review is for the Cohen brothers excellent remake True Grit,
Many thanks Whaid,Take it away!


Having heard positive reviews about this film and not ever seeing the original I thought I’d give True Grit a go.

The Cohen brothers hold your attention for the duration of the movie, but once they have your attention do little to tap into your emotions or make you think, saying that it is entertaining with some amazing dialogue between the characters.

You do feel a bit short changed though with a rather abrupt ending. If Kevin Costner was at the helm he’d churn out a three hour epic, the thing is, there is enough depth to do this.

Jeff Bridges does a fine job of portraying a drunk (who still knows what’s going on around him) for the whole film. The girl (Hailee Steinfeld) steals the show, a future Natalie Portman me thinks. Matt Damon however fails to connect with his character and you find yourself saying several times “hey it’s Matt Damon .“

The movie as a whole is enjoyable, and the Cohen’s do successfully put you on a saddle and give you a ride into the Wild West, bringing the story to a whole new generation.

As I reach the end of my review I am trying to come up with a clever play on words to conclude on, I’ve already rejected True Grit, a true American classic, and True Grit, a gritty film. So here goes.... True Grit, a movie that shows that when the Cohen gets tough, the tough get Cohen.

Mr Whaid rating - 6.8/10


  1. Love the review, even if it is a little short... ;0) I like the little bit at the end too mate. Who'd of thought that our Tesco store had such gifted writers! Other supermarkets are available...


  2. Good point,
    Maybe Tesco should be paying me,ha!!
    Great review sir :-)

  3. Well done Whaid i think you should be the next Barry Norman.

    Good review

    Terence Rigby