Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tucker and Dale VS Evil

So Tucker and Dale VS Evil,it could be seen as a metaphor for the simple country life of said Tucker and Dale VS the Evil that invades there peaceful backwater lifestyle in the form of annoying materialistic rich kids from the big city with no real understanding for values and the hard work ethic but to be honest i don't care,it was great!
So very refreshing to see a horror comedy that actually works for a change,The story starts with a van load of rich kids on there way to a vacation when the realise half way there and deep into Redneck country that they have forgotten their beer,noooooooo!!
So they pull into a local roadside shop to purchase beer,This is where we see the local rednecks including Tucker and Dale,this is where we get to see for the 1st time the view from Tucker and Dale's side,Dale sees one of the Blondie students and falls immediately in love but is to shy to say anything until tucker say"go say hello"which he does but goes over nervously laughing holding a scythe!

We then see what the rich kids would see,an evil big bearded redneck hell bent on slaughtering them!
This is where the film is very clever in us seeing Tucker and Dale heading out to their new vacation home and the kids seeing them as Evil rednecks,a thing we have all seen many a time in a million and one backwater slasher flicks.
The comes to full realisation for the kids when Tucker and Dale are out on an innocent night fishing trip and the kids decide to go skinny dipping,Then we see the girl that Dale really likes climbing down a rock to enter the water when she spots them both in the boat and thinks they are spying on them resulting in her screaming and falling in,Dale See's this and when she doesn't resurface he dives in saves her life and drags her unconscious body out the water and on to the boat and of course one her friends sees this and screams that she's been kidnapped!!

We then get to see the next morning where she wakes up in a grotty cabin and Dale brings her breakfast and she also at first thinks she has been kidnapped and screams,Dale says sorry in a panic and swaps her waffles for egg and bacon then offers her a game of trivial pursuit,she's safe,but her friends don't know that,so from here on in we get the kids trying to rescue her and Tucker and Dale for the love of god cannot do a thing right,I won't say anymore about any of the situations that arise suffice to say that it has every cliche you could imaging,the local sherrif,swinging chainsaws,twists in the plot and oh did i mention some very good gore scenes.
So in summing up it's a definate thumbs up from me Jonny T,Don't expect to much but enjoy the ride,
Jonny T.


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