Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Megan is missing-Review by Jonny T.

So apparently Megan is missing?(Contains spoilers)
I had not seen or heard anything about this apart from seeing a brief line on a website saying it was "sick", Now as with all us horror fans when you see that word you've got to admit it does make you quietly curious, i mean how many of us heard how rough A Serbian Film was but we still watched it right?
So onto Megan is missing.
It's you basic story of 2 Teenagers Megan(14), The popular high school party girl and her Nerdy friend Amy(14) who have regular chats through the Internet at night talking about boys and the such like, The problem i have with this is that its one of those "All made from actual video clips,CCTV footage,news stories and based on true events"blah blah blah,seen it a thousand times before and to be honest the acting and news reports are at times laughable,especially the news reports.
So Megan and Amy chat away as the film is padded out with a ton of pointless chats,Megan is invited to a party by the local king of parties and accepts to go only if her best friend Amy can go,The so called king of parties is not to keen on the party pooper Amy going and agrees to let Megan and Amy come as long as Megan gives him a blow job,yes folks this is the level!
So they go to the party which is shown from various camcorder clips and phone footage,This sequence seemed to go on for ages,with everyone getting more and more drunk,loud grunge music playing that really did get on my nerves, Amy goes looking for Megan as Amy is not feeling to well and surprise she goes into a bedroom and Megan is giving a blow job,Yawn!
So Amy carries on just wondering around and some comes up to her grabs her arse and asks if she wants to get sexy and offers her some drugs she refuses so he punches her and no one around does a thing!
As i said my problem with this found footage genre is that with films lie this why would anyone be following her around all night? The most unpopular girl in school, it's lame film making.
The party footage culminates with two girls who are the token school lesbians being coaxed into have a drunken kiss that results in them vomiting into each others mouth,like i said,yawn!
So onto the next few days,again countless Internet chat between the girls and then one of Mandy's friends links her up with a cool looking guy called"Skater Dude" who's web cam is supposedly broken by his younger brother and also his dog chewed it,ha!There is only a picture of him,the stereotypical Blondie haired baseball capped skater/surfer,After a few conversations he says he's going to a party and would love to meet Megan there so arranges it and on her way phones Amy to tell her she's going but Amy doesn't get an invite which she is pretty upset about,Cut to the next morning where Amy awakens Megan via a video call at 8 am and asks how it went and Megan says the skater dude didn't show up,Or did he?

Later that day Megan gets an chat invite from said Skater dude and she asks angrily why he didn't turn up?
He explains that he was at the party and she looked very hot but was too shy to come and say hello,she asks what she was wearing and he describes in great detail everything she was wearing,He says he'll make it up to her by meeting later behind the diner,now i know some people are stupid but she'd never seen him,didn't recognise him from his photo at the party and agrees to meet him BEHIND a remote diner,come on!!!
Anyway the next day she has gone,disappeared,yep at last Megan is missing,Her concerned friend Amy is on the lookout for her but no one seems particularly bothered until the police find some CCTV footage from behind the diner that shows Megan walking and then grabbed and led away by a tall dark stranger,Now at this point i got really annoyed because,OK they show you the CCTV footage but then enhanced 50%,then 100%,then 200% the 500% i kid you not,talk about padding your film out!!!!!
It then switch's to another 2 unpublished photo's never before seen by the public,apparently the police were given a link to a S&M porn site by a guy that thought these photographs on there were too close to the edge and they show the missing Megan in 2 poses tied up half naked and covered in blood,Grim.
Amy then goes to the police and tells them of her date with the elusive skater dude which ensues in a media frenzy and when Amy gets home she has a chat request with skater boy who proceeds to tell her she's next and how fat and ugly and unpopular she is,she cuts his conversation off goes to a bridge where her and Megan used to go and underneath the bridge is where she keeps her favourite teddy bear(make any sense to you???)and whilst there the last shot on the video camera is of an arm grabbing her,tape finishes.
What we get next is said to be a totally unseen before and unedited whole 22 minutes of what police found on Amy's video camera,basically a dungeon where Amy is abused and raped in various horrible ways,i won't tell you what happens at the end incase you do decide to see it but i would say it's grim.
Now on summing up what can i say,here we have a film with 14 and 14 year old's portrayed on screen describing in graphic details blow jobs,incest sex and rape of a 14 year old,is the director trying to outdo a Serbian film and how many more times do we have to endure yet another found footage film which basically is yet another in a long line and now frankly quite boring "Tortue Porn"genre,come on filmmakers what ever happened to originality?
Avoid 3/10


  1. u havent got a clue jonny what message was shown in that film, you call your self a reviewer, joke,
    The film was meant to be an eye opener and it really was.T his was a very gripping film with an enormous strong important message.Which i will forever think can save tragedy events or death happening to young vunerable children. This film is a much watch for any parent

  2. You should be honored that the director of Megan is Missing would comment on your page Johnny, because that's the only person who I could see being able to sit through this piece of dreck.

    I saw this, I am a parent, and yet I could figure out the dangers illustrated in this film even without the wise and obviously deep message portrayed... No... fuck that... If a parent seriously "MUST SEE" this film to know the true dangers of online predators, then they are too dense to operate a movie-playing apparatus to watch this flick anyway... Therein lies the conundrum.

    Lastly... I love how some anonymous jackass comes on and, instead of discussing the merits of the film and attempting to open up a discourse where ideas can be shared, he (or she... but probably he)takes the route of trolling the message-board then accuses you of not being mature... or smart enough to understand the "enormous strong important message" shown in this run-of-the-mill boring film.

  3. Mr Bonesaw I thank you,so every parent must see this?the web apparently has child porn and s&m so do patents need to seek that out so they could see what could happen to there children?it's fucking bullshit and a lame argument,I could go on live leak and seen what would happen if I was a resistance fighter against ghadaffi or go back to the shuttle exploding to see what could possibly happen if I were an astronaut and it went wrong,shit film,fuck you anonymous ,enjoy your future film watching of under age rape you sick fuck,go find another blog.

  4. I happen to dig a lot of movies most people find repulsive, so the graphic nature of this one didn't offend me.

    Nope, what sucked for me were a) its ludicrous claim of some "important" social message — it has none — and b) its half-assed, implausible storyline.

    Mainly the lame story. I hung with them after the first kid was lured away by a cybercreep, even tho it was already bugging me that the cops made zero effort to track the guy's ISP or warn the community about him. But then the whole "online predator" angle goes out the window when the second girl grabbed from behind in a park by a plain old-fashioned kidnapper.

    And just happens to catch her own kidnapping on her vidcam by accident? Really?

    And then the kidnapper not only keeps those images but also uses the same camera to continue filming himself abusing her for days? Then just tosses the camera with those images into the world's cleanest public trashbin afterward? Really? REALLY?

    Not a totally worthless movie -- but almost.

  5. You do realize that you mixed some facts up completely? First of all Megan was 14 when she went missing, not 16. Then randomly you started calling her Mandy? I mean what the hell? At least get your facts right, have you eve watched the movie?

  6. nah i never seen it, just though i'd make it up as i do with everything thanks big anonny mouse.
    Jonny T

  7. nah i never seen it, just though i'd make it up as i do with everything thanks big anonny mouse.
    Jonny T

  8. "At least get your facts right, have you eve [sic] watched the movie?"

    It's clear from his review that Mr. T watched your cheap little homemade exploitation flick same as I did.

    I agree with you that he got sloppy with the nitpicky minutiae you mention. But two utterly insubstantive typos are no grounds for your hostile post accusing him of incompetence and dishonesty.

    You come across as rude and petulant—and do you really think insulting the man will somehow convince him he should have liked your movie more?

    Perhaps if you unbunched your panties and asked him nicely, he might be willing to go back and correct those trivial details for you.

    (Shame there's no correcting your movie; I'd post anonymously too if it was mine.)


  9. I`d made conscious of this movie because someone in a German online forum said, it was a film which he would absolutly avoid to see, ecspellialy because of the last twenty minutes.

    Like you also said, it made me curious. (For me, it would absolutly be no option to watch A Serbian Film.)
    I`ve read some reviews before I watched it. And I am still not sure about this film. On one side, I`ve read a lot of commentaries on review blogs from parents who say it`s absolutly necessary to watch this film with their kids or to show it in schools. What irritates me a lot is how emotional this discussion is. And how well this film is accepted.

    As you point out also in your review, I felt fooled by the regisseur because it is so obvious, that the material couldn`t be found footage. In the trailer you can watch on youtube they use the same kind of cutten-in commentaries to the shown actions of the girls ("they are chatting", "They use iphones") like they do in the commercial for German Softporno Schulm├Ądchenreport in the 70s. There are sides of this movie which didn´t work out to transport an serious message. There are things that are shown in a too graphic and in a too voyeuristic manner like the party scenes.

    But on the other side, I have to correct two things you´ve said. First, the two girls who kiss on the party don´t vomit in each others mouth, but it was another girls who pukes on their heads.(I don`t know is it Amy herself?)
    Well, the other might be more important. As you write, it is so ridiculous that Megan agrees to meet "Josh" behind the dinner. That is absolutly right. But an the other hand, the dialog which leads to this appointement is very well regarded. The chat scenes with her and "Josh" show very well how easy she is to manipulate althrough she reacts instinctivly right at first but than wants to please. Sehe says "Behind the dinner. Wow, sounds romantic." But then she agress after all. And in another scene, she reacts disguested as he aks her to put her web cam lower (so he can her face and her breast) but then she does it without he asked another time directley. To not be complicated.Stupid-yes, but I guess this behaviour isn´t too unrealistic in this age. This is maybe something that is worth to discuss about.

  10. Thanks for taking time to post the Comment Jenny, Some Great points made, it certainly if nothing else is a film that seems to have opinions very much divided.

  11. what the fuck