Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Blood Car-Out now on DVD!

Hello folks,
Jonny T here bring you my thoughts on the new release from Left Films that is BLOOD CAR!
The Film opens up with the news that in the not too distance future fuel is at an all time high and there are still cars around but mainly in car graveyards that only now serve as a place for teenagers to have some sexy time!
We then get to meet the lead role Archie who is a vegan school teacher trying his best to teach some morality to a bunch of young school kids by reading them the tale of "The Little blue engine that could."When then see him leaving school in a deserted car park on his bicycle passing a gas station on his way home where we see the price of fuel up to a staggering $32.50 a litre! And also throws a hello to Mrs Butterfield, the old lady who always sits on the porch, obviously wondering what the fuck the world has come to.
On his way home Archie always goes to see Lorraine at the Veg stall (opposite the meat stall) she is a geeky type that has obviously has the hots for Archie from the drawing she does, blimey when you see it! He daily buys from here bottles of Wheat grass which he takes home to perfect his vegan engine run purely on wheat grass to solve the world fuel problems.
But poor old Archie isn't as how you could as stable in the mind as you would think, things transpire in a great way (which i won't spoil) and he then the idea to change his mind and try using blood for the engine, what follows his hilarious, with obviously being vegan and an animal lover against all his best intentions he decides to kill small animals to try there blood and see if it will work, the scene with him crying whilst attempting to shoot a squirrel and also wearing a t-shirt with the logo "Dolphins are Dandy!" is hilarious.
Needless to say his attempts are futile so he then moves on to the notion of human blood, goes home takes a shower then slices his arm with a Stanley blade and funnels it into the engine, hey presto it works!!

Then in a flash of inspiration he awakes to see his cooling fan in his bedroom, with this in his warped mind he makes a device that goes in his car boot with the fan and rotating blades, He then rather than seeing the geeky Lorraine he moves onto the meat stall girl who is equally as warped!
I shall stop at this point as i don't want to give a way too much, but needless to say if you like a good old fashioned indie flick in the style of some of the best Troma films this is definitely one for you, It is definitely an impressive and worthy award winning debut from director Alex Orr.
Great stuff, 8/10
Jonny T.

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