Friday, 6 July 2012

REC Genesis UK Release details!!!

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here bringing you some great news that REC Genesis is getting a UK release!
I remember when i first saw REC and was blown away, but when i saw REC 2 i was AMAZED!
To me the REC series is some of the best horror i have ever seen, from the opening reels of the 1st 2 films it is non stop action/gore and scares galore, so when i read that they were doing 2 more REC films i couldn't wait!! o with news that REC Genesis is getting a UK release on DVD and Blu-Ray on September 3rd as well as the lucky people who will be attending Film4Frightfes will get to see it on August 24th!
I have stuck all the details below and will bringing you the review as soon as i see it, can't wait!!
Jonny T.

“Another terrific ride on the [REC] rollercoaster.” – Alan Jones, Frightfest.
Directed by Paco Plaza (REC 1 and 2; Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt) and starring Letitia Dolera (Man Push Cart; The Other Side Of The Bed), Diego Martin (I Want You), Claire Baschet (Delicacy) and Ismael Martinez (Carmen; Talk To Her).

As the families and friends of Koldo and Clara gather outside the church in the bright Spanish sunshine just prior to the happy couple’s wedding, it seems that nothing could possibly cast a shadow on such a beautiful and joyous occasion. But when some of the guests start behaving oddly during the reception, it becomes apparent that all is not well. In no time at all, the party descends into a hellish scene of utter carnage as partygoers begin feeding on each other with a crazed bloodlust. Amidst the ensuing chaos, Koldo and Clara become separated as those still in control of their human minds and bodies seek whatever refuge they can find. Although apart, the newlyweds know deep in their hearts that each is still alive and set out on a desperate search for each other not fully realising that what should have been the happiest day of their lives could prove to be their last.

Paco Plaza, co-writer and co-director (with Jaume Belaguero) of the first two movies, goes it alone for this outing and breathes new life into the proceedings by bravely and totally unexpectedly giving the series a whole new spin. Closer in tone to “Shaun Of The Dead”, “Army Of Darkness” and “Braindead” that to its more sombre predecessors, it also introduces some truly iconic images, not least of which is the one of the movie’s bloodied heroine dressed in her revealingly torn bridal gown and wielding a chainsaw.

“Awesome! Paco Plaza's Genesis is not only an unexpectedly brilliant pre-sequel to the first two parts, it’s also a pretty goofy and absolutely hilarious blast of a movie… hysterically funny scenes and loads of insane gore.” –

“Entertaining blend of silliness and scares… provides a new outlook on the zombie franchise… a very effective balance of scares and comic relief.” – The Hollywood Reporter.

“Possibly the sweetest, most endearing film I’ve seen in quite some time; throat rips, chainsaws, gut munches and vicious possessed included.” – Fangoria.

“Beautiful, visceral and deadpan.” – Fangoria.

“The resulting gore and cartoonish violence are gleefully over-the-top… the highlight is undoubtedly a sequence in which Clara, in full bridal regalia, attacks her blood-hungry assailants with a chainsaw.” – Variety.

“Highly entertaining… gorgeously shot with magnificent widescreen vistas of carnage, supported by a thumping score from Mikel Salas.” – The Digital Fix.

“If anything, Genesis reinvents the series and expands on the universe it has created.” –
“A blood-filled crowd-pleaser.” –

“The acting is amazing, camera work and cinematography are outstanding, the settings look beautiful, the soundtrack is fun and it’s full of wonderful nods to genre classics from Peter Jackson, Sam Raimi and George Romero.” –

“A highly entertaining and kick-ass zombie-gorefest.” –
“Fun and bloody gore effects… bodies are torn apart, sawed in half and beheaded in arterial glory.” –

“The madness hits the screen in frequent doses, and Genesis quickly turns into an action-laced gore-lovin’ horror flick that’s actually very sweet and romantic.” –

“Plaza is a great example of overseas directors who are still capable of adding their own spice to the boundless book of the undead, a flesh-eating group of miscreants that are remarkably more beloved than ever before.” –

“Apocalyptic tale rife with gory kills involving chainsaws and industrial salsa blenders.” –

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